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Best Free Patterns To Apply To Your Designs

The decoration is the final element of each design. It is exactly the zest that makes your product special, making it look complete and ready. You can add a pattern as a frame for your painting, use it as a bright element in your clothes. Moreover, it is popular to use stripes with different ornaments for your sketches. 

Another modern usage of such a tool is to stylize your blog posts with such framing. You can upload the pattern as a header on your YouTube channel or set the background of your Twitter account. In both cases, it will look stunning and attract the attention of your web page’s visitors. 

Types Of Free Patterns

There are numerous types of patterns. Each of them has its meaning, and they can evoke different associations in peoples’ minds. Let’s take a closer look at each of them, so you can decide which one will be the most suitable for you. 

According to the structure, we can divide patterns into three main groups: organic, abstract, and geometric. You can use them separately or combine to create a specific mood for your design. 

  1. Organic patterns.

It will be hard to find some straight lines here. Mostly such models consist of curves, vines, floristic, outlined semi-round shapes. They remind us of natural forms, like leaves or growing branches of a tree. Such an option will look great in exterior design details, for rugs and wall decoration. You can combine them with minimalistic forms; it will bring interest to your space. 

Meaning: such forms reflect closeness to nature. Which subconsciously awakens a sense of calmness. You can use this pattern to liven up the composition and make it more dynamic.

  1. Geometric patterns.

This type is opposite to the organic one. Here we can see the arranged recurring forms. The main figures are circles, polygons, and lines. Depending on the combination of these, the image, in general, can influence differently on the recipient. Also, in such compositions, color and sharpness play a decisive role. Overflowing with red shades and triangular shapes can make a design look aggressive.

Meaning: apart from color, it is the figures that influence most on the perception. Circles create a feeling of completeness of the picture, its integrity, and richness. Triangles indicate the direction of movement, growth, development, or vice versa, references to the traditions of the past. Lines and dots define the transition from old to new, separate one concept from another.

  1. Abstract patterns.

This type combines features of both organic and geometric. In this option, nothing limits your imagination. Regardless of the color and the main concept, this type will look stylish, and you can use it in any bold solutions.

Meaning: you can combine the definitions of the forms separately, but in general, it will always carry a tone of novelty, something revolutionary. 

Top Trends In Free Patterns Designs 

When you make a new pattern, you first need to be clear about the creation's purpose. If you are making it for a gift wrap, you should also consider the recipient's personality and preferences. Based on this, it will be easy for you to navigate the elements' colors, shape, and frequency. But some trending options are especially relevant in design right now.

  1. Сheckered pattern. 

It is one of the models with which your project will be successful. Plaid designs have held the leading position for many years. It can be classic - with equal cells and 2-3 colors. You can also feel free to play with shapes and asymmetries.

  1. Tropical pattern. 

This option looks especially stylish in decorating posts on social networks and in the design of accessories. You can give them neon shades; they will look unusual and make your idea special. Such figures are associated with relaxation, exoticism and look outstanding.

  1. Stripes variations.

The combination of narrow and wide irregular stripes looks elegant. You can combine opposite shades, alternate symmetry, and chaos. In any case, such a design will attract attention and interest. Your clients cannot take their eyes off this pattern.

Why Choose Free Patterns

Our free pattern designs are high-quality products. They are modern, easy-to-edit, and we regularly update the collection with new items. The template’s archive consists of well-structured PSD files, documentation on how to edit it, and useful pieces of advice.

The templates are fully editable. If you need to change some elements to fit your main concept, you can easily do it with Adobe Photoshop. The software for editing is free, and you can download and install it in a few clicks. So after downloading, you can unzip the archive, open it with the program, and apply your styles!

Where To Use Free Patterns

One of the main advantages of this type of graphics is that it can be used in any design. You can use them to develop website layouts. Also, this solution is suitable for banners. Depending on the type of ad, you can make them thematic. For example, it would be a great solution to make Christmas specials by decorating your mailing list or postcard with a pattern with positive attributes.

But you should not limit yourself to this! Our free patterns will be a great decoration for your corporate brand. Why not use them as a backdrop for a business card or employee badge? They can also be used to create new collections of clothing and fashion attributes. For example, they can decorate your bracelet, belt, or shoes. There are boundaries for your ideas!

How To Download Free Patterns With ONE Membership

To get a template from the ONE collection, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, we recommend checking the terms and conditions of the subscription. It will help you to learn more about it and get more information about the restrictions and permissions. 
  2. After that, you need to click on "Free Account" near the search bar. You can also click here to proceed with registration. 
  3. Fill out the fields with your information. Make sure you have inserted all the details correctly to avoid possible issues. When you are ready, click on the green button.
  4. Congratulations! You have successfully created your ONE account.
  5. Make sure you have signed in. Follow this link and choose the item you like. You can use the filters on the left sidebar to specify your request.
  6. On the template's page, click on the green button "Download for free." You can find it on the right sidebar.
  7. Copy the link that you see on the pop-up and click "Download for free." 
  8. After the download process is finished, you can unzip the archive and start editing. Welcome to ONE family!

How To Edit Free Patterns

First of all, it's worth mentioning that the templates are fully editable. It means that you should be worried if some of the elements do not suit your style. You can change absolutely any detail and do it very easily.

After you've downloaded your template, you need to unzip the archive. After that, you can open the desired file in Adobe Photoshop and start editing. If this is your first time editing a template of this type, you can use our tutorials. You may also consider using our services and hire a designer to customize the template to your needs.

ONE Membership Or Free Patterns Retail Download?

ONE Membership is a project that we have developed specifically for your convenience. It allows you to download any of the included items directly from your account with a few clicks. Moreover, you can download any file as many times as you need.

To download free patterns from TemplateMonster, you need to share the template's link on social networks. After that, you will receive a link in your email. With ONE Membership, you will not need to do the same process since you will have one convenient account from which you can download the template. You will also see your downloads' history, so it will be easy to find the necessary theme with no need to search it again.

The other benefit of ONE is that you will be aware of the latest news and specials of the project. In our promotions, we will inform you and switch to the Creative premium plan with the best price.

Free Patterns VS Premium Templates

The first thing to remember is that free templates are provided for educational purposes. Such products are good because there are no restrictions on their use, but at the same time, such templates have low uniqueness. It means that an unlimited number of people can use the same pattern at the same time as you. Therefore, customers who use your services may confuse you with another company.

Another advantage of premium pattern templates is that our team provides 24/7 support for them. We will always be happy to help you and provide you with the necessary tutorial and documentation if you have any problems. We will also help with orientation in the editor so you can learn with our team. 

Paid ONE Membership plans and their advantages

Free templates are great because you don't have to spend money on them. But let's take a look at the paid plans and see what you can get with them. There are three plans we offer.

  1. ONE Creative $82. This option is the best solution for SMM managers, banners & ad designers, and the users who work with PowerPoint. With this plan, you are getting unlimited access to thousands of graphic templates. There are logos, after effects, PSDs, corporate identity, resumes, CVs, newsletters, admin themes, certificates templates, audio, and video assets. 
  2. All-In-One $179. The plan includes all the items of Creative and website templates. This plan is suitable for web page developers and designers. With this ONE Membership, you will be able to download and use with unlimited domains the following types of templates: HTML, WordPress & WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, VirtueMart. Moreover, you will be able to use the additional Elementor Kits, WordPress plugins, and PrestaShop modules. It is the price of 2.3 WordPress/HTML templates separately, and you are getting access to thousands of themes of various CMSs! 
  3. All-In-One ∞ $599. The best offer for developers. With this plan, you will get the same products included now and ever be included in ONE. Therefore, all of these items come with lifetime updates! There is no license expiration date; you can the designs you download with no restrictions in time. 

With all these products, you are getting 24/7 professional technical assistance, no matter which plans you choose. All the items come with a license; it means that you can use them legally for your projects and rely on our support. 

Free Patterns FAQ

Who can assist me in case I have issues with free patterns?

If you face any issues during the editing, you can follow the tutorials here. We have made convenient and straightforward step-by-step instructions that you can use to learn how to work with such types of digital products.

Do the free patterns have any restrictions in use?

There are several restrictions you should remember when using the products provided under ONE. The main statements are the following: It is prohibited to resell the items that come under ONE subscription. You cannot do a bulk download of the products. If we notice suspicious activity from your account, we would need to suspend it. You can join the support chat to activate your account again. You cannot share the products' archives or files on any directory, marketplace, social networks, messengers, etc. You cannot use the items for creating Saas platforms. You cannot promote your services using our products. It means that setting the portfolio of your projects with our articles is illegal. Changing the copyright and claiming your ownership of our items is not allowed.

Are the free patterns compatible with other website templates?

Of course, they are compatible with any type of website templates. You can modify the pattern and later upload it. It can be HTML or CMS based web page. If you need assistance with content uploading, you can check our coolest services and save your time and effort.

Can I use free patterns for my company branding?

Yes, you can use them as a part of another design for your brand. But you cannot register them as the official trademark element, as the sole right on free patterns belongs to ONE by TemplateMonster.

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