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Best Free Fonts For Your Creative Ideas

There are many different ways to ornate your work - frames, patterns, gradients. But one of the best ideas is to add some text. It can be a short wish on a postcard or, in the case of sites, the content. In any case, fonts are something that you can use to supplement, decorate, and accentuate. In our collection, you can choose your preferred font and make your typographic selection for your project. All products presented on the page are high quality, cross-browser compatible, and suitable for any CMS/HTML platform.

Types Of Free Fonts 

There are many different fonts in digital design, each with its unique meaning and scope. Let's take a closer look at the main types.

  1. Serif Type

    This type is one of the oldest ones. It was created between the 15th and 18th centuries. These fonts have lines or strokes in the letters; that is why they look ornate. Designers use this style for their retro compositions because it resorts to classic outlines and looks organically. Some developers even use it in medieval-themed games. This type of font is usually used for writing body text - whether it be books or Internet resources. The font is the easiest for an eye to percept, and the extract is easy to read. 

  1. Sans Serif Fonts

This type is opposite to the serif one. It is impossible to find some lines in the letters here. It is well-depicted on displays because there are not small details that can seem lost or too large because of the resolution. Due to its simplicity, it has become the favorite style for ads and banners. Sometimes writers use them to emphasize the sentence or phrase by outlining or putting them in blackened bold. 

  1. Scripts

This typeface is famous for its letter connection type. In comparison to serif and sans-serif ones, fluent strokes connect the letters one to another. They remind handwriting. Such models can mostly be applied to logo and postcard designs because it is easy to create a new unique type, especially for a particular logo. They will fit for the historical documents adaptation or simulation, as there is a wide variety of the fonts styled to a specific historical period.

  1. Decorative

This type is the youngest among the others and appeared in the 19th century. People often use them to create posters and advertisements because they are eye-catching and easy to remember. They stand out among others - you can easily recognize the screensaver of old horror films and imagine this bloody text, right? 

Where To Use Free Fonts

Since the variety of fonts is genuinely impressive, you can find the one right for you. First of all, you need a font for writing texts. Which style to choose depends on your preferences and the subject matter of the book. 

Also, various postcards are gaining popularity now. Decorative fonts and scripts dominate these. You can make a unique gift for your friend and, besides, please him with an unusual postcard with good wishes. And it is all with a beautiful style and a sense of taste.

If you are a writer, the type is one of your primary weapons. Due to it, you can put a special meaning in your words, emphasize what you need, and focus the reader’s attention on details. Make your blog or book with great fonts; they will be a useful tool.

Also, designers appreciate the unique type of fonts. In search of new solutions for their ideas, they often resort to font templates because they can be used to create a unique typographic logo. You can decorate your sketchbook or personal diary with them. You can also apply them to make home furnishings, photo frames, clothing prints - absolutely no limits to your ideas!

Relevant Trends In Free Fonts

  1. Humanizing Serifs

It is one of the leading trends nowadays. Why? The reason is that serifs are considered to be the best for storytelling. That is why they always grab attention and are worthy of drawing inspiration from.  Therefore, they evoke nostalgia, which is why you can catch yourself thinking of childhood and times when the world was not so digital. 

  1. Round Sans-Serifs 

According to geometric psychology, round or circle shapes remain the completeness of the composition. That is why such a solution will be great to reflect your design’s main ideas and make it full of sense.  Although such fonts may seem childish, you can combine them with other tougher and sharper elements. By playing around with the color scheme, you will achieve a stylish and trustworthy figure.

  1. Minimalistic 

Many designers resort to removing as much detail as possible and leaving only the basic shape. Fonts are no exception. In this version, you can safely remove all unnecessary lines and go ahead with only what will reflect the essence. It will serve as a useful tool for building a branding image.

  1. Retro Seventies and Eighties 

Neon colors, soft outlines, and catchy silhouettes are all at the top of the trend right now. So why not use this for your fonts? Such options will look great on postcards, prints since they create references to the atmosphere of the 70s and 80s loved by many.

  1. Pixel Art

This typeface may seem thoughtless and funny. However, with the right choice of colors, they will look trustworthy and memorable. Plus, 8-bit graphics are now in the spotlight again so that you won't miss the mark with this style.

  1. Rustic Fonts

This typeface combines characteristics of serifs and scripts at the same time. They are most suitable for creating logos for breweries, craft products, or handicraft accessories. They stand out among others due to the clever interweaving of winged and sharp forms.

How To Download Free Fonts With ONE Membership

To get a template from the ONE collection, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, we recommend checking the terms and conditions of the subscription. It will help you to learn more about it and get more information about the restrictions and permissions. 
  2. After that, you need to click on "Free Account" near the search bar. You can also click here to proceed. 
  3. Fill out the fields with your information. Make sure you have inserted all the details correctly to avoid possible issues. When you are ready, click on the green button.
  4. Congratulations! You have successfully created your ONE account.
  5. Make sure you have signed in. Follow this link and choose the item you like. You can use the filters to specify your request.
  6. On the template's page, click on the green button "Download for free." You can find it on the right sidebar.
  7. Copy the link that you see on the pop-up and click "Download for free." 
  8. After the download process is finished, you can unzip the archive and start editing. Welcome to ONE family!

Free Fonts VS Premium Templates

Free fonts are great because they don't have a price or usage limit. But on the other hand, they have low uniqueness. Many other users may integrate these fonts into their designs, which will diminish your recognition. Also, for premium products, we provide 24/7 support of highly qualified specialists. They will always help you with editing and uploading your templates. Don’t hesitate to check the best collection of premium fonts here

Paid ONE Membership Plans And Their Advantages

You can enjoy the free ONE account options. But we also have excellent paid ONE plans. Let's take a look at the paid offers and see what you can get with them. There are three options we have.

  1. ONE Creative $82. This option is the best solution for SMM managers, banners & ads designers, and users who work with PowerPoint. With this plan, you are getting unlimited access to thousands of graphic templates. There are logos, after effects, PSDs, corporate identity, resumes, CVs, newsletters, admin themes, certificates templates, audio, and video assets. 
  2. All-In-One $179. The plan includes all the items of Creative and website templates. This plan is suitable for web page developers and designers. With this ONE Membership, you will be able to download and use with unlimited domains the following types of templates: HTML, WordPress & WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Joomla, VirtueMart. Moreover, you will be able to use the additional Elementor Kits, WordPress plugins, and PrestaShop modules. It is the price of 2.3 WordPress/HTML templates separately, and you are getting access to thousands of themes of various CMSs! 
  3. All-In-One ∞ $599. The best offer for developers. With this plan, you will get the same products that currently come under ONE and all the items that will be ever included. Therefore, all of these items come with lifetime updates! There is no license expiration date; you can the designs you download with no restrictions in time. 

With all these products, you are getting 24/7 professional technical assistance, no matter which plans you choose. All the items come with a license; it means that you can use them legally for your projects and rely on our support.

How To Edit Free Fonts 

After the template’s download, you will get an archive with the source files. You will need to unzip it and check the included documentation. Depending on the type of the file, you can edit it with different software. Most commonly, templates are PSD and Word formats. To edit the PSD files, you will need Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign. 

Some of the fonts can be supported by Adobe software only. To make sure if you can edit a template with Microsoft Word, please read the template’s description, documentation, or contact our agents in chat to get more information. 

You should keep in mind that we provide free templates for educational purposes. To learn how to edit and upload them, you can use our knowledge base. Check the necessary tutorials here

If you aim to get a professionally designed font, you may consider hiring our additional services. Our specialists will be glad to make a unique and outstanding model, carefully designed according to your needs. 

Modern Free Fonts For The Special Design: FAQ

Why should I use free fonts?

The best specialists carefully develop our templates. That is why you will get a high-quality design that you can use as a final product or modify to suit your needs. Moreover, you can use them to learn how to work with Adobe and Word software to improve your skills with ONE.

What restrictions in use do free fonts have?

There are several restrictions you should keep in mind when using the products provided under ONE. The main statements are the following: it is prohibited to resell the items that come under ONE subscription. You cannot do a bulk download of the products. If we notice suspicious activity from your account, we would need to suspend it. You can join the support chat to activate your account again. You cannot share the products' archives or files on any directory, marketplace, social networks, messengers, etc. You cannot use the items for creating Saas platforms. You cannot promote your services using our products. It means that setting the portfolio of your projects with our articles is illegal. Changing the copyright and claiming your ownership of our items is not allowed.

Are free fonts mobile friendly?

Yes, all our free fonts are mobile-friendly. You can implement them to the website, online postcard, or invitations - and they will look great on any screen size! Your customers will love it, and there will be no compatibility issues with any platform you will use.

If I have issues with my free fonts, who can assist me?

There are several options you can use to get professional assistance. First of all, you will need to check everything with the documentation. If the problem still exists, you can submit a trouble ticket here. You can also hire our designers. They will gladly modify the necessary details to match the overall idea.

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