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Free Certificate Templates – Clean and Elegant

Certificates are an inseparable part of our lives. We deal with them every day – at work, when we get our car repaired, buy or sell something, etc. Certificates are a different type of document. We get them when we complete a course, become members of a certain group, or buy something. Unlike traditional forms that follow specific formatting rules, certificates look more attractive. They have several colorful visual components. Some designs have intricate background patterns. If you deliver a training course, run a club, or a company, you need some high-quality templates. That is when free certificate templates become very useful. With a pre-made design, you should not worry about creating it from scratch. You need to modify it to meet your requirements.

There are several cases when you have to create and issue a certificate:

  • When a person completes a training course you deliver;
  • A gift card that clients use in your store;
  • When a person joins a club;
  • To recognize someone’s achievements.

Advantages of Free Certificate Templates

Our products come with the following features:

  • Refined style – our themes do not look too simple, but they are not cluttered. The included visual components complement each other, making the design look complete;
  • Flexibility – the file structure allows you access the required element and modify it easily (change colors, add the necessary text);
  • Multiple designs – find the theme that meets your requirements. We have themes for various occasions. There are colorful products with many elements and fine background pattern and simple ones with a few components;
  • Several file formats available – choose the format you prefer. Vector formats provide you with limitless customization options. You may scale up various elements without losing quality;

Free Certificate Templates

Our themes are an ideal option for everyone who looks for premium-quality designs. They are impeccable for those who deliver training courses, running stores, companies, etc. You do not need to waste your time creating anything from scratch. It is always challenging to come up with an idea of a future design:

  • What shapes to use? 
  • Should it be simple or complex?
  • How to create a seamless background pattern?
  • What software to use?
  • Should you use vector or raster graphics?

You also should know how to place the elements properly. Nothing should distract people from the main part like the name and the type (gift, membership, course completion, etc.)

If you run a store or a company or deliver training courses, you may not have time to spend on design. It is challenging to create a stunning image from scratch, especially if you do not know anything about design. You should know how to combine shapes and colors properly. Relying on your feelings alone is not enough to achieve a stunning, unique look.

Another factor to consider is that you have to use special software. You need time and perseverance to learn it. Do not forget that some applications are paid. Of course, you can use open-source software, but it may not have the features you require.

Using a pre-made asset is a good option because:

  • It is a ready-to-use product that requires minimal customization;
  • You do not waste your time trying to create a stunning image – a professional has already done this for you;
  • Choose from multiple options available – use the one that you like.

Free Certificate Templates Customization

These assets require some modification – like adding the person’s name who receives it. You may also add the name of your company, club, and a training course, or any other information. Do not forget about the logo.

The great thing about templates is that they have placeholders for various types of content. You do not have to think about where to put a name or a logo without ruining the layout.

Apart from adding new content, you can change the existing one. You can easily change colors, remove the included shapes, or replace them. Some products come in vector file formats. One of the advantages of vector graphics is that you may resize various elements without losing quality.

To modify a template, you should pay attention to the format. Here is a quick guide that will help you:

  • AI – Adobe Illustrator (vector, separate shapes);
  • CDR – Corel Draw (vector, separate shapes);
  • EPS – a common vector graphics format;
  • PDF – vector and raster graphics;
  • PSD – Adobe Photoshop (vector and raster, layers and separate vector shapes);
  • PNG – a common raster graphics format (transparency, does not support layers);
  • JPG – a common raster graphics file format (does not support transparency or layers). The file size can be small, but you risk losing details.

It is necessary to note that Adobe Photoshop works with vector shapes, but Adobe Illustrator comes with multiple advanced features.

Layers are important because they allow you to access separate elements. You can edit them without affecting the components on other layers. It is not an important feature if you are about to implement simple changes, like adding text.

Free Certificate Templates from ONE

The ONE subscription service from TemplateMonster is an ultimate source of high-quality digital assets for your projects. We have multiple products that you can get without paying anything! The great thing about the service is that we constantly add new ones. Please consider checking it eventually to discover new amazing themes.

You may also get premium assets. A subscription is a great option for people who require premium-quality products, freelancers, or companies that provide design services. It is a great option when you need multiple items or when you work on numerous projects.

There are three price plans available:


  • Graphics and design assets;
  • Presentations;
  • Video and audio assets;
  • For unlimited projects;
  • One year of technical support;
  • The price is $82/year ($6.85/month).


  • Everything that the creative plan includes;
  • WordPress and CMS themes;
  • E-commerce themes;
  • Plugins;
  • For unlimited projects;
  • One year of technical support;
  • The price is $179/year ($14.95/month).

All-in-one unlimited:

  • Everything that the all-in-one plan includes;
  • Download items as long as the service exists;
  • The price is $599 (one-time fee).

Please keep in mind that you may cancel the subscription if you have not downloaded anything within two weeks.

The payments are completely safe – secure payments are processed in a Level 1 PCI compliant environment.

With the subscription model, you save your money. Here is a simple example. You run a company, and you offer various design services. You work on multiple tasks, and you need six assets. They cost you $5, $15, $7, $10, $20 and $3. The total price of the resources is $60. You get new tasks and spend more and more on assets. What if the next project will be large and you need even more resources to complete it?

With the subscription payment model – you pay $82 or $179 a year and download as many files as you wish. It is an ideal option when you require multiple assets. With the subscription, you get access to different types of content, like video and audio files. By decreasing the amount of money you spend on assets, you may cut your expenditures. It allows you to make your services more affordable and attracts new customers.

Before you buy a subscription or download a product, we ask you to read the license page. It helps to avoid various problems in the future.

Premium and Free Certificate Templates

You may wonder why to spend money on premium items. Please consider the following factors:

  • Lack of options – there are not many freebies. Some content creators do not want to share their work without getting anything in return;
  • Difficult to achieve uniqueness – freebies always attract many people, especially if it is a high-quality item. A customization is an option – you change colors and add new shapes to make it look unique. It requires some time and skills.

It would be wrong to say that freebies are always worse than premium items. There are some impressive designs that you can get without spending money.

It is necessary to clearly understand when a freebie is enough and when you should consider spending some money. If you don’t look for something unique, then a freebie will do. It is a good option if you do not want to pay for anything. You save your money if you also use open-source software. Premium items are great when you offer designing services. You have access to a wide range of products to achieve the required look.

Downloading Free Certificate Templates

The process of downloading an item is fast and simple:

  • Log in to your account;
  • Choose the category (for example, graphics);
  • Enter “certificate” in the search bar and hit enter;
  • Check out the left section. Set various parameters to filter out unnecessary items. Choose free in the license items sub menu;
  • Find the item you like;
  • Open its page to learn more about it;
  • Hit the download button;
  • Extract the required file and edit it.

Free Certificate Templates FAQ

How to find the best free certificate templates?

Finding a product that meets all your requirements is very challenging. Check out the left panel where you set different tags. Try to find the item close to it in terms of design. In this case, you do not spend much time editing the theme. If you do not know what you want – check out the available products.

What skills and knowledge should I have to edit free certificate templates?

If you plan to add some text, then beginner skills are enough. If you want to change colors, add new complex shapes and seamless background patterns, you need intermediate skills. Please consider that the features that a format supports are also important. With layers and separate shapes, you can easily access various elements. If the file does not support layers, like PNG or JPG, you need to select the areas or colors you want to modify. This task may be challenging – it depends on the design complexity and layout.

Am I allowed to use free certificate templates for commercial projects?

Such items are for personal and commercial purposes. We encourage you to read the license terms page attentively.

Can I distribute my free certificate templates via your service?

We are always glad to cooperate with talented people. If you want to share your work – please become an author. As an author who sells exclusive products, you can join ONE instantly. You have a chance to become an affiliate and get a new source of income. We provide you with technical support to ensure the best possible user experience and solve all your problems.

ONE – Free Certificate Templates and More

This video is dedicated to the ONE subscription service. It is a quick demo of what you get. It focuses on what content you can download and how easy it is to use.

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