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Enjoy Best Free Backgrounds with Free Account

The background of any platform is as important as the context itself. It creates interest and immerses a person in the context. The design also conveys to the audience a message about a product or service and creates an atmosphere. It can be an atmosphere of relaxation, motivation, or curiosity. 

You can create a suitable background design with multiple programs, but why wait time and effort if you can get it for free? For this purpose, we launch a brand new subscription with ONE. It does not require any money in investment! All you need is to create a free ONE account and download free backgrounds for your project today. 

This article aims to discuss our samples' key features, how to use it, and how to download it. If you do not find it useful, we will also discuss the premium membership, which you should consider because of high-quality products, professional customer support, and low subscription fees. Let's begin. 

Top Features of Free Backgrounds

If you are looking for free backgrounds for your Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams, or simply for your PC, you can find all you need here at MonsterONE. All our free sets can suit all types of purposes. Our visuals are:

  • Customizable.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Versatile.
  • Easy to download.
  • Designed according to latest trends.

Who Might Like Our Free Backgrounds?

Well, it is all about your imagination! We have pre-made templates for Google slides, Zoom meetings, Photoshop, iPhone, Christmas, and other occasions. Users from all kinds of industries can find it useful. You may download designs for:

  1. Coronavirus precaution samples;
  2. Recipes for restaurants visuals;
  3. Yoga and wellness;
  4. Thanksgiving and Easter backgrounds, etc. 

How To Find Suitable Free Backgrounds?

  1. Use Keywords

Whichever platform you plan to modify, the background's search always starts with finding keywords that describe the idea behind your concept. The most common mistake when searching for an image for a site is to use the keywords of an article or project instead of thinking out a separate description for the background. For example, if you're looking for a clothes shop background, you can find good ideas if you put keywords like fashion, clothes, and shoes. 

  1. Follow the trends

Visual culture, photography, the design have their trends that change every year. For example, a couple of years ago, photos with smoke bombs, portraits from the back against a background of landscapes and urban geometry were very fashionable. Nowadays, the trend has changed. See what other people in your industry do and copy them. There is no shame in watching your competitors and trying to be better. See what backgrounds they use for their websites and what you like about it. In the end, you will, for sure, get something different and better. 

  1.  Respect the theme of your project

Find suitable visuals not too bright and not too dark, without many details. When placing text, follow a simple rule: the design is dark, which means that the text should be light. And vice versa: light design- dark text.

  1. Customize

Now there are dozens of applications and programs of varying complexity for photo processing. The main thing is to be consistent with the choice of filters so your website will have the same style throughout all pages. Moreover, all of our free samples are customizable. Download one and see how easy it is to modify it. 

Tips on How to Make Your Project Successful With Our Free Backgrounds.

1. Balance text and visuals

The key point is to make sure that the image fill and text work together and do not contradict each other. Another thing is you should choose a method. Placing text over a setting is a popular and powerful graphic design technique for a website. It draws attention to the content and emphasizes the importance of information. This technique is used most often in:

  • The covers and on the first page of the site.
  • In the table of contents.
  • In the tile (products, blog articles).
  • At the beginning of a section.
  • In blocks with call to action.

2. Choose opposites

White and black, red and white, yellow and purple, blue and orange - these colors work well in pairs.

3. Avoid setting graphs that are full of small details

They make the text difficult to read. Imagine that you can lose a client just because the phone number cannot be seen well.

4. Making the background darker will allow the text to read well if it is white 

The higher the opacity, the darker the setting will be. However, if the picture is very light, then the black gradient can make the image fill look dirty and pale. So check how the setting looks when darkened. 

5. Every element is important

There should be no meaningless elements in the interface. If you put a setting to create a mood on the site, make sure that it creates it and does not waste valuable space.

How to Download Free Backgrounds? 

All you have to do is to create a free account with ONE. Here are the steps you should follow to get it:

  1. On our front page, in the upper right corner, you will find the Free Account tab. Click it and fill in the necessary information about yourself. It includes email, full name, password, and billing phone number. 
  2. For more information regarding our terms and conditions, follow the link. 
  3. Find the item you need and click on the green button "Download for free." 
  4. Once you copy the link and download the file, you can unzip the archive and start the customization process. 

What is Premium ONE Subscription and How I Can Benefit From It?

ONE subscription is a modern service with unlimited access to all ONE’s products. This membership provides users with a significant number of items that can assist them in building a powerful and user-friendly website. ONE membership enables you to download an unlimited number of products. You don’t have to worry about the template being not suitable. With ONE you can try multiple items and then decide which one is the best for you. Moreover, with our enrollment, you will not worry about licensing. Besides you get premium quality products with regular updates. Discover its unique cutting-edge features and all advantages of ONE right now.

Free Backgrounds or Premium? 

Any user would agree that free items, thousands of which are available on the market, always have lower quality. Besides, when choosing to get some digital products for free, you should be ready for the deficiency of technical support or a strong possibility to face plagiarism. How to avoid such a situation? Subscribe to ONE, and you will see for yourself that its premium quality, unique design, and set of powerful options is worth the effort. Moreover, you also get free downloads of any products without boundaries, professional IT support, and constant updates. Thus, if you want to build a modern website with an original and creative layout, ONE Membership is the best choice. If you can't find the product you like, then you should consider our premium ONE subscription. In a nutshell, the benefits of paid enrolment include:

  1. High-quality web assets.
  2. Unlimited download.
  3. Original designs.
  4. Professional and quick technical support.

Pricing of ONE Membership

For the users' convenience, three types of subscription are available:

  1. Creative subscription. This membership option comes at $6.80 per month and $82 per year. At a reasonably low price, you have access to unlimited downloads of all graphics, premium audio & video files, and different presentations for any of your projects. Compare the price of this package with a single item's one, and you will understand how cost-efficient it is. You may also estimate that much of your everyday spendings are even higher than an available subscription price.
  2. All-in-one package. You can enjoy all the advantages of this subscription for $14.90 per month and $179 per year. This package also includes free WordPress and CMS templates, powerful plugins, and various graphic elements. If you want to choose this kind of Membership, you can subscribe for a month at first and then expand it to try a full year package.
  3. All-in-one Unlimited membership. For $599/Lifetime, you will be able to use all the best products and tools with unlimited lifetime access and no need to renew your subscription. Besides, you receive the opportunity to talk to our support service managers for expert advice and tips, available for you 24/7. This type of subscription might feel costly, but you will understand how profitable and cost-saving it is in the future.

Payment and Refund Policies 

You may download premium assets with ONE Membership only in a few easy steps. First, select the type of package you wish to subscribe to, and then enter your contact information. Following that, choose the payment method convenient to you. We perform all the transitions either through PayPal accounts or Bank cards.

Canceling your subscription is also relatively easy. But remember that your money will be refunded only within 14 days and only in case you did not upload any files or products yet. If you still doubt our Membership, contact us, and together we will find the best solution for you. 

Free Background Usage Limitations You Should Consider 

If you decide to subscribe to ONE membership, you should choose one of the two license options, including yearly unlimited licenses or lifetime ones. If you’ve selected the first option and now your permission is over, you must permit it, and only after you will be able to use ONE TemplateMonster service again. But you should bear in mind that according to License Policy, there are some restrictions concerning this platform use:

  • It is not permitted to resell a template.
  • It is forbidden to use our tools for the Saas website.
  • You are allowed to use a template for the end product only.
  • To install the ONE item for promoting your products or services is strictly prohibited. All the rights belong to MonsterONE only.

Also, remember that uploading numerous web tools at the same time can be considered fraud, so that the platform will take measures to protect itself against a possible hacker attack.

If you still have some questions on your rights and restrictions, contact our support service, and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Free Background FAQ

How to choose the best free background for my website?

Our platform has a very convenient search system. According to the following criteria, you can sort all the items into the newest, popular, undiscovered, and most trendy ones. Various tags are also available. So you will easily find the product that meets your every need. Each template comes with a live demo and a description of its crucial functions and characteristics. Besides, we regularly update our product range so that our users will get the most trendy assets on the market.

I can't find suitable free backgrounds with ONE, where else shall I go?

You can always turn to TemplateMonster's marketplace. It compiles thousands of high-quality products you can get for free or purchase separately. If you have additional questions regarding our assets, you can contact us via live chat and get a piece of advice from our support agent.

Can I resell your free backgrounds?

No, it is strictly forbidden. You can use our free items only for the end product. Learn more about our policies to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

I am experiencing issues with my free backgrounds. Whom shall I contact?

At extra charge, you may consider our premium services. They include: Troubleshooting; Logo creation; Copywriting; Website security improvement; CMS/HTML to WordPress conversion; SEO optimization; Online store setup; Configuration, optimization, and original content filling of online stores.

Why should I consider premium products over free backgrounds?

The main reasons that make paid subscriptions more beneficial for you are the quality of products, high uniqueness, and 24/7 customer support.

How to Download Free Backgrounds with Monster ONE

Learn more about the unlimited possibilities you get with ONE with the help of this video. It shows you how to subscribe and download free backgrounds, presentation templates, and other premium quality products. Subscribe to our channel to stay tuned regarding the latest web industry trends.

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