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Studycare - Abroad Education Elementor Template Kit Elementor Kit

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Short description:

Studycare - Abroad Education Elementor Template Kit is a multipage education website. Specially designed for education, Study abroad, and Learning related websites. This is built with the Elementor Pro plugin which is easy to use with zero coding skills. You can edit anything with just one click. Every color and fonts are global setup.

Studycare has more than eight gorgeous pages. You also get a blog single-page design and an archive for your blog. With the most recent technology, pixel-perfect design and visual effects were achieved with drag-and-drop editors. This layout template can be edited and is fully responsive. You can include blogs and a wide range of free images, colors, sizes, and fonts in a variety of languages, depending on the requirements of your products or services.

Templates Included:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Us
  3. FAQs
  4. Our Courses
  5. Blog
  6. Blog Detail
  7. Contact Us
  8. 404
  9. Coming Soon

Image Licensing:

All pictures, symbols, and resources are incorporated with a zip file that you will get on buy. We energetically suggest supplanting it with your own resources or items. In the event that you decide to utilize our pictures, symbols, and resources first, if it's not too much trouble, guarantee they're appropriately authorized.

Of course, every one of our pictures is utilized with CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) License

Required plugins

  • Elementor (free)
  • Elementor Pro (need license)

Recommended Theme

  • Hello Elementor (free)
  • Child Theme for Hello Elementor (optional)

How to Import a Template Kit

  1. Download your main zip folder - unzip this primary folder and you will find folders for the following: Documentation, Media, and OneClickImport.
  2. For the main uploadable kit file, please go through the "OneClickImport" folder from the extracted folder - Do not unzip (the zip is titled "elementor-kit.zip")
  3. Go to WordPress Dashboard - Elementor - Tools - Import / Export Kit
  4. Click Import a Template Kit
  5. Drag and drop the included site kit zip file to import
  6. Select the plugins you want to import (you will need an Elementor Pro license) - Click Next
  7. Select which parts you want to apply - for a full site import make sure everything is checked. Click Import

Tips After Importing:

  • Survey our documentation record - this gives establishment, setup, and update data and instructional exercise recordings.
  • Once imported - add your site logo to the global Site Settings.
  • Add another menu for use in the header and a different (or the same) menu for the footer.
  • We offer complete documentation on the demo page as well as help through TemplateMonster.
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