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Travel CMS Designs

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CMS Templates 120
Travel 120
Responsive 112
Bootstrap 104
Admin Panel 96
Dropdown Menu 89
HTML 5 86
Online Store/Shop 81
JQuery 76
Blog 74
Retina Ready 73
Google map 63
MegaMenu 61
Mobile Layout Included 58
eCommerce 58
Sample content 56
Ajax 55
HTML plus JS 52
Advanced Theme Options 52
Multipurpose 51
Gallery 48
Parallax 47
Performance Optimization 46
Tabs 45
Drag and Drop Content 39
Website Builder 35
Quickstart Package 33
Sliced PSD 27
Lazy Load effect 27
Portfolio 27
Right to left language support 25
Background video 24
Dropshipping 15
Forum 6
Completely JS 4
One Page Templates 3
Themes Bundle 2
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 2
j2store 2
One click installation 2
Static 1
Novi Builder 1
Canvas Animation 1
5.1.x 1
5.0.x 4
4.4.x 4
4.3.x 1
4.2.x 1
4.1.x 1
4.0.x 1
3.9.x 6
3.9 9
3.8.10 2
3.8.8 1
3.8.7 1
3.8 3
2.5.17 1
2.5.10 1
2.5 2
2.3.2 1
2.1.7 1
1.9.2.x 4 4 1 2 1 6 3 3 3 5 3 4
2.3 1 3
8.1.3 1
8.1.1 1
8.1.0 1
8.0.x 1
1.7.x 11
1.7.8.x 11 4 7 1
1.7.7.x 10
1.7.6.x 9
1.7.5 9 9
1.7.4 9 9 9 9 10
1.6.x 10 1 2 2 4 1
2.0.26d 1
2.0.20b 1
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CMS for Travel Websites - Easy and Fast Way to Create a Cool Project

Tourism is something that inspires people, makes them take a break, and gains new strength. Travel is the sphere of life where everyone feels fun and happy. People hoping to get similar emotions are looking for tour operators, companies, or stores to buy everything for the trip. If you are related to the travel business but do not know how to present yourself and make money in the online world, do not be afraid. We offer you to take advantage of multi-purpose CMS for travel websites. These products will completely change your mind about creating sites because each theme is the highest user-friendly, adaptive and unique. You can make settings in hours and already have an idea of your future online resource. And in a few days, you will provide the world with a cool website with the best offers. Don't forget that you need to offer the services and goods in demand to stand up to the competition. Our solutions help you to present any offers profitably and ensure a comfortable working atmosphere.

And don't forget that MonsterONE is a great resource for ready and willing to build an online and offline business. Our library has more than 100 thousand various items that are suitable for any project. We welcome you to dive into the big world of web solutions and start creating unique and impressive designs!

Who Benefits from Using CMS for Travel Guide Websites

Let's start with the fact that our products are very convenient and have many advantages. First, they are flexible and user-friendly. It is because anyone who wants to build a site can do it quickly and successfully. However, working with CMS such as Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and the like requires knowledge of code, at least basic. Much easier to work with open-source content management system WordPress. Its interface is so intuitive that any of the settings are made within minutes, and thus you may be very far from coding. Besides, our library of WordPress products is huge, and there is a template for everyone who wants to create a business online. Also, a huge plus is the full theme compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin, which makes it easy and efficient to properly build feature-rich and multi-component stores. 

Another advantage of travel CMS templates is that these items are fully multi-purpose. So, by choosing them, you may create platforms aimed at the following:

  • ski resort, 
  • travel company, 
  • entertainment sites, 
  • hotel and guesthouse bookings, 
  • online store of specialized goods, 
  • camping, 
  • extreme travel, 
  • safari, 
  • apartment rentals, 
  • cruises, 
  • pensions, sanatoriums, and so on. 

CMS for Travel Websites Templates Must-have Features 

Website templates are ready-to-use solutions that include two components. These are unique design and customization features. Our offerings are highly flexible in these terms. After all, the design of each theme is professionally developed color schemes that match the topic. Besides, it is developed considering all trends in design. So, you can find on our site minimalist and eye-catching themes, items with geometric elements, and different effects. Functionality is also a particular detail that we are especially proud of. The products include all the features with which you may build an online resource and promote it. If you choose our solutions, you will get the following features:

Bootstrap framework. It's a huge set of tools, an easy to work adaptive grid to build a responsive design. 

Clean HTML5 code. As most of the settings are performed at the code level, you can not worry that there will be some bugs. Templates are built on clean and valid code, which is completely error-free. 

Google Maps integration. If you want to mark the store's location on the map, you are free to do it because Google Maps is available to use. 

Retina ready. On any website, the main focus is a picture, which can both engage and disillusion customers. That's why we have added a Retina display, which makes the image quality clear and smooth. 

Sliced PSD. These are predesigned files that clearly show how the finished work might look. They make it much easier to handle and design an online resource. 

Background video. This feature is a great way to appeal to customers with a bright design. Background video is one of the trends that can immerse customers in a travel feel. 

Cross-browser support. It doesn't matter what browser your clients use - cross-browser support allows the online platform to display equally on all browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, etc. 

Multicurrency and multilingualism. You can improve the online store and add many currencies to make it easy for the buyers to pay for the goods. Multilingualism also comes in handy, allowing people worldwide to use services and goods from the site. It also supports the right to left language function. 

SEO optimization. The template has a friendly code, which is positively perceived by search engines. It is also fully ready for your promotion settings. 

Fully responsive design. This feature will allow your clients to use the site from any device. In this case, the quality of visual look and usability will not change. 

MonsterONE Pricing Plans: How to Download CMS for Travel Websites

MonsterONE is a great way for anyone to get access to a huge library of web items quickly. We offer ready-made solutions suitable for everyone, even for people who have nothing to do with creating online resources. For example, you can be a video maker and use templates for video programs, stock files, and various effects. If you're a regular user, you may use a resume, certificate, or fonts. To access these products, you need to choose a subscription plan:

  • Creative. This package includes graphic materials, including logos, PSD files, corporate style, illustrations, fonts, banners, icons, infographics, and more. You will also get presentation templates to work in Keynote, Google Slides, or PowerPoint. Plus, you can download unlimited times audio and video assets and 3d models. The price of the package is $93 annually or $7.75 monthly. 
  • All-in-one. This offer covers all gods from the Creative package, as well as templates for the leading CMSs (WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento, etc.) and e-commerce themes. Besides that, you can take advantage of plugins and extensions. The package costs $179 annually or $14.95 monthly.
  • All-in-one lifetime. This package is the best value offer in the entire digital market. And that's not a buzzword. Just imagine that for a one-time fee of $649, you gain access to more than 100K items that total over $500,000. It is truly the best offer that doesn't limit you from creating projects. 

CMS for Travel Websites FAQs

What is a good CMS for a travel agent website?

We advise you first to review each CMS to understand which one is suitable for you. For this, please read articles on MonsterPost. Here we have a lot of useful information and comparison of different content management systems. For example, Build a Website on WordPress, Joomla, MotoCMS, OpenCart, or PrestaShop in 5 Days! Do not forget that for most engines, you need to have good coding knowledge. We also recommend you check out the tutorials on our official Youtube channel
Also, feel free to look at WordPress products because they are as easy to do, and with them, you will achieve a quick and awesome result within a short time.

Is SEO important in travel agency CMS?

SEO is a complex of various measures aimed at increasing the resource position in certain user search requests. Today the basis of the successful promotion of the site is precisely the professional SEO optimization of its content. An important aspect of SEO is to fill a website with content that is optimized for search engines. High-quality SEO optimization, together with a complex of certain measures, will ensure a stable position of the resource and its traffic. So if you want not just to have a website but also to promote it and get more customers and profits, SEO optimization is a must-have. So, all our offerings are ready for any action and process to achieve the highest rankings.

Can you help me with the installation of a CMS for the travel website template?

Yes, of course! Use our reliable expert services for which there are discounts for MonsterONE subscribers. Choose Installation. This service will help you install the selected template on the hosting with the sample data within three hours. The price is only $44.

How to get free CMS for travel websites?

We have a great offer. It is a free account that includes more than 600 items. You need to register and then start downloading any elements you need by sharing the link to the product on any social networks you like.

CMS for Travel Websites from MonsterONE Community

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