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Real Estate CMS Designs

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Invest in Real Estate CMS Designs for Big Profit

While real estate exists in the physical world, you can move your business to the virtual space for great profits. Having a website today is crucial for any serious enterprise. It helps you create an image for the whole world to see and grants easy access to your services for potential clients.

Having a website serves a multitude of purposes. Here is just a small list:

  • Showing professionalism. 

It may seem like a minor, inconsequential thing but having a website is important for any modern company. If you’re not on the internet, do you even exist in the contemporary world? If you have a nice professionally-made website, people are more likely to flock to your business, make purchases, and spread the good word about your work.

  • Connecting with the public.

Be it public announcements or customer support, communicating with potential customers is vital to any business. We provide real estate CMS designs that will give you the tools to do this job easily.

  • Displaying property for sale.

As a company focused on selling property to people, your main priority should be to advertise your available immovables. But, of course, you can do exactly this using a website – just slap your nicest-looking apartments on the front page and see them all fly off the shelves in a few days.

  • Putting yourself on the map.

Most of our real estate CMS themes offer Google Maps integrations. This allows you to do two things. One, it lets you put the physical location of your company on the map, and two, you can also set the physical location of your immovables on that same map.

  • Optimizing for search engines.

While having a website is cool and funky, it does nothing if people cannot find it. The best way to make your website more visible for new visitors is to optimize it for search engines. TemplateMonster offers real estate CMS layouts that are back-end optimized. So you only need to worry about the front-end – meaning, the content.

  • Hiring new talents.

Workers are the lifeblood of any business, and finding talented individuals might be a struggle. Luckily, you can advertise new positions using your website and even automate the process of accepting and reviewing applications to some degree. 

Who Can Utilize CMS Real Estate Templates

Many enterprises can benefit from using our CMS real estate layouts. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Real estate agencies.

Anyone selling or renting real estate will benefit from using these – it’s in the name. We just had to get this out quickly.

  • Construction companies.

To sell the real estate, somebody has to build it first. This is the job for construction companies. Therefore, they can benefit by showcasing their previous notable projects.

  • Construction tools manufacturers.

Where there is construction, there are also construction tools. Manufacturers of these handy devices can benefit greatly by showing their assortment of goods to the interested party via their website.

  • Architects.

Before construction even begins, someone has to plan everything – from size to used materials, the form of the building, and more. Then, successful architects can put their projects on display and offer their services using their webpage.

  • Interior and exterior designers.

After the initial construction is done, interior and exterior designers join the party. These professions offer to breathe life into the building and help make a house into a home.

  • Furniture and appliances stores.

Families moving into new apartments will need many things, including toilets, ovens, chairs, TVs, and many other things. If your store sells anything that one can put inside a house – you can probably use our CMS real estate designs. 

  • Repair services.

Things get damaged, things get broken. Someone has to fix them. That someone can be you, and if it’s so – you might need to use a website for advertising your services. Luckily for you, we offer great templates for this.


Advantages of CMS Real Estate Layouts from MonsterONE

Many templates are flying around the web, and every single one has something unique. Here is what we offer in our templates:

  • Easy to use.

CMSs are usually made easy for the end-user. For example, systems such as WordPress, Shopify, and PrestaShop support drag-and-drop functionality, making customizing your real estate CMS template much easier.

  • SEO-ready.

SEO optimization includes front-end and back-end optimization. While the front-end will have to be handled by you, we have the back-end covered. Websites using our layouts load fast, have no bugs, and already have some SEO information filled in. You just have to worry about the contents.

  • Responsive.

Modern users prefer to use mobile devices. This requires all websites to adapt quickly to different screen resolutions and operating systems used. This is where our responsive designs will have you covered. No need to bother yourself with thinking about how it will look on PC or phone – we’ve already taken care of it.

  • Retina-ready.

Retina screens offer a much higher quality of images. They show more colors and convey them more vividly. Our designs utilize this awesome technology. Vibrant images enhance user experience, meaning they are more likely to come back to your page.

  • Clean HTML5 and JavaScript code.

Whether you are worried about performance or want to modify the website’s code personally, you can be sure that our code is clean and organized. Our authors have years of experience under their belt, and we check every theme before publishing.

  • Bootstrap.

Many of our templates are using the Bootstrap framework. It has easy to use for new users and allows you to add your modifications with minimal mental investment.

  • Ajax.

If you need dynamically updated information, Ajax is your friend. This technology allows you to keep your users updated on any relevant number without refreshing the page.

  • Admin Panel.

Most of our templates offer premade admin panels, including all the relative numbers such as daily visits, sales, conversion ratios, and more. No need to hassle setting it up yourself.

  • Google Maps integration.

For more comfort in choosing the property, users may want to use a map. Luckily for you, we offer Google Maps integration in our templates. This allows you to put the necessary pins and show where you stand in the world.

Get More Value with MonsterONE

If you feel interested in purchasing one of our templates, we recommend you not rush and consider your future expenses. Buying a single template may be beneficial if you are not planning to buy any additional assets. However, the more assets you purchase, the more expensive it will get.

For this reason, we offer you the MonsterONE subscription. With it, you will gain access to our ever-expanding library of various assets for a fairly nominal price. Check what’s on the list:

  • Creative plan – this option grants access to thousands of audio, video, graphic, and design assets. This plan will cost you $84/year or $7.40/month. Deprive yourself of 2 cups of coffee a month, and you will be able to afford this.
  • All-in-One plan – this plan expands the previous option to include WordPress, CMS, and eCommerce themes and all relevant plugins and modules. The cost is $179/year or $19/month – equal to a dinner in a lower-class restaurant.
  • All-in-One Lifetime plan – this option is the same as the previous one, but it’s a one-time payment for lifetime access. Pay once, use forever. Price in question? One-time fee of $749.

Want to try out the product before buying? That’s easy to do! With the free account, you can download many of our sample CMS real estate designs for any amount of time and any number of projects.

Real Estate CMS Templates FAQ

Why do I need SEO-friendly real estate CMS designs?

Getting discovered by new users is crucial for any business to stay profitable and successful. SEO helps you get to the top of Google’s and other search engines’ results pages. This will ensure a stable flow of new customers as well as show your professionalism.

Will there be more real estate CMS designs?

Yes! We refresh our collection monthly. So if you didn’t find anything you like yet, check back soon and check out our new items.

Can you set up a website with your real estate CMS design for me?

Yes, we can help you set up a website. This includes anything from simply applying the selected theme to the website to fully setting up your shop and filling it with relevant content. You can check out our other offers here.

Can you host my website with your real estate CMS template?

TemplateMonster provides hosting services neither on its main page nor via MonsterONE. However, we are partnered with some awesome hosting services, and you will get discounts and other additional benefits by purchasing hosting from them. You can check out what our partners have to offer here.

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