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Hotel CMS Designs

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CMS Templates 99
Hotel 99
Responsive 91
Bootstrap 84
Admin Panel 79
Dropdown Menu 66
HTML 5 59
JQuery 58
Blog 52
Online Store/Shop 51
Sample content 49
HTML plus JS 47
Google map 47
Retina Ready 45
Quickstart Package 34
Gallery 33
Tabs 33
MegaMenu 33
eCommerce 33
Parallax 32
Advanced Theme Options 32
Mobile Layout Included 30
Ajax 29
Sliced PSD 28
Multipurpose 25
Drag and Drop Content 16
Performance Optimization 16
Right to left language support 15
Lazy Load effect 13
Forum 12
Background video 12
Dropshipping 10
Website Builder 10
Portfolio 9
One Page Templates 2
j2store 2
One click installation 2
Static 1
Completely JS 1
Canvas Animation 1
Themes Bundle 1
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 1
4.3.x 3
4.2.x 4
4.1.x 4
4.0.x 4
3.10.x 1
3.9.x 10
3.9 12
3.8.10 1
3.8.8 1
3.8.7 1
3.8.6 1
3.8 6
3.7.4 1
3.6.5 1
3.6.0 1
3.5 1
3.2.3 1
2.5.17 1
2.5.10 1
2.5 2
2.3.2 1
2.1.7 1
1.9.2.x 5 5 1 1 2 2 2 2 4 2 4
2.3 1 3
1.7.x 13
1.7.8.x 13 5 7 2
1.7.7.x 12
1.7.6.x 10
1.7.5 10 10
1.7.4 10 10 10 9 10
1.6.x 8 1 2 4 1
2.0.26d 1
2.0.20b 1
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Hotel CMS Templates for Your High-Quality Online Performance

Today content management holds a prominent place in the current business world. It helps web source owners interact with their customers. There is a content management system (CMS) coming out. It allows you to create, manage, edit, and publish content in a convenient interface without web development skills. Whether your company is a travel agency which needs to encourage clients to book a tour via a website or travel store with a wide range of goods, such a system is what you need. Let us figure out what hotel CMS templates provide.

Hotel CMS for All Travel-Related Businesses

Our pre-made products open opportunities for every owner or entrepreneur with no coding skills to create an attractive website. You can build and promote an e-shop, personal portfolio, or company profile. In our collection of CMS templates presented items according to any need and requirement. So, they are a perfect solution for:

  • Hotel, motel, hostel 
  • climber gear online stores
  • travel essentials and accessories
  • tour booking
  • children or teenager camps
  • cafes and restaurants
  • travel agencies and excursions
  • cruises, liners, and airlines
  • online stores are selling tennis, fishing, shooting, yachting, rowing, boating, cycle, etc.

Thanks to the drag and drop function, our designs are easy to edit and modify to your taste. That is why everyone can launch an online project, starting from web studios and developers, ending with business owners.

Advanced Features of Hotel CMS

High-qualitative and stunning designs are not the only advantage of our products. There are a set of flexible options that helps to spend a minimum amount of time creating the online pages. There is a list of features that allow achieving an intended result:

  1. Responsive layouts
  2. Multipurpose themes
  3. Drag and drop function
  4. Blog integration
  5. SEO optimization
  6. Integration with social networks
  7. Mobile-friendliness
  8. Google Maps

Most of the templates have the following additional features:

  • Mega Menu
  • Latest Blog 
  • Quick Links
  • Add to Cart 
  • Wishlist
  • Ajax Search
  • Google Fonts
  • Drop-down Menu
  • Checkout
  • Online Payment 
  • Contact Form
  • RTL language layout
  • Helix Framework
  • Parallax
  • Multilingual support, etc.

Thus, all these tools and options aim to enrich your website and make it customer-friendly. Besides, you can add plugins, extensions, or modules to make it multifunctional. Let us tell you how to purchase and use several of them, not paying for every single one.

Reasons to Consider MonsterONE Subscription

If you want to have all premium items, MonsterONE is the best decision to make. This unique service allows you to download premium products with no limits for any purpose. Every user gets everything in one place. All premium products have a unique design, professional technical support, and discounts on our award services.

Selecting the Best CMS for Hotel Websites 

There are numerous content management systems with their special characteristics. So, it would be best if you choose which one to use for your project. Our service offers a gallery of themes to allow you to select the best platform suitable for your needs:

  1. WordPress Templates. This platform is the most popular and powers millions of websites. The simplest Gutenberg editor allows you to build a WordPress site with ease and customize it with additional plugins.
  2. Shopify Themes. Using this eCommerce solution, you get a range of features for sales, marketing, payments, client engagement, and others for the business, especially a small one. There is no need to install additional software on your computer.
  3. Magento Templates. This self-hosted platform is secure and flexible. Meantime, it isn't easy to learn and use the built-in functionality with extensions. But it is worth it for opening and managing multiple stores with a huge product inventory and global reach.
  4. Joomla Themes. People looking for extensive functionality built right into the platform can choose this system and get advanced options for such websites as memberships, communities, and social networking.
  5. PrestaShop Templates. This open-source eCommerce system is intended for building, managing, and launching profitable online stores without any license fee.

MonsterONE Tariffs

There are three pricing plans according to any need and budget:

  • $82/year - Creative - gives one-year-long access to all graphics and assets MonsterONE gallery, contains one-year free technical support.
  • $179/year - All-in-one - provides one-year-long access to all the items, including premium plugins, flagships, and eCommerce themes, with one year of technical support.
  • $599 - All-in-one∞ - lifetime access to all templates and add-ons from the gallery, media, and audio files with lifetime technical support. 


What hotel CMS best suits a non-commercial project?

If you want to launch a non-commercial project, WordPress would be a perfect solution. This platform is easy to install and customize, even for newbies in the web design field. Moreover, WP provides long-term support for any technical issue.

How to find out what CMS is a hotel website using?

The simplest way to review which CMS hotel website is operating on is to copy and paste the URL here. Besides, you can find it out by checking the code page of the online source itself. You may read this article to learn how to do it.

Why is the mobile-friendliness of hotel CMS so important?

As more than 50% of users open the wide web via their mobile devices, this option is necessary. It allows visitors to access your site and view the content on any device screens. That is why all our products are 100% mobile-friendly.

How to choose a hosting provider for a hotel CMS?

Begin by viewing the article dedicated to hosting service providers. It helps you to learn more information and determine which of them fits your project. Moreover, you can open recommended hosting services.

Guide of Using WordPress Themes from Hotel CMS Collection

If you are still considering which CMS to choose, watch this video to learn how to create a site with a WordPress theme in 8 steps. The simplest and the quickest way to make a website saves your time and funds. Choose which theme suits your travel-related business needs and start creating stunning web pages!

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