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Mobile-Friendly Gaming CMS Templates

Any businessman who wants to extend their project should consider a website. It offers a wide range of benefits for any online business. Most of these advantages increase from year to year. Moreover, the portal allows you to promote your company at a low cost and extend the customer database with ease. This way, you can increase sales by sending emails with new promotions and offers. Consider our gaming CMS and see results for yourself. 

Gaming CMS for Computer Games Communities

Is your project related to gaming? Then you are in the right place. Take advantage of our gaming CMS if your business is associated with:

  • Creating or selling various board games.
  • Computers and other electronics appliances, including headphones, joysticks, monitors, virtual reality helmets, software/hardware, etc. 
  • Promotion of entertainment activities, and others.

Key Features of Gaming CMS

Premium-quality templates and other web products of the marketplace have many great features. Let's mention some of them:

  • Multipurpose. Find a website template or other necessary web product for any business project, from beauty salon layouts to concrete sales templates.
  • Blog integration. With the help of an informative blog, you can easily interact with your readers. It allows you to update customers about completed or future projects, news in the company, and other important information.
  • Google Maps. Via maps, your customers find the company's office on Google Maps. It is a convenient feature since most Internet users usually check companies to locate their addresses or view other customers' feedback before buying a service or product.
  • SEO optimization. It is a set of algorithms whose main purpose is to improve the visibility of a platform. With our templates, you will quickly notice an improvement in search engine rankings.
  • Integration into social networks. The "share" button on popular social networks generates free advertising. How does it work? Satisfied customers share their positive experiences after visiting your company on their pages. Friends and relatives will see it and may contact you the next time they need your service.
  • Mobile-friendly version. Today, more and more people are reading the news and shopping online with the help of their smartphones. Obviously, the number of mobile users is constantly growing. Therefore, all modern enterprises and organizations pay attention to the mobile version's quality. And our marketplace is no exception. Our templates are designed to be easily read and navigated with minimal resizing and scrolling on all devices, including mobile. This ensures a better experience when using your site on a mobile device, affecting sales and business success.

Additional Features To Consider

Other handy features include:

  • Dropdown mega menu;
  • Retina-ready design;
  • Ajax cart;
  • Clean HTML5 / CSS3 coding;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • jQuery JavaScript library;
  • Flexible admin panel;
  • Parallax effects;
  • Dynamic checkout options, etc.

What is MonsterONE and Why Is It Better Than a Single Purchase?

MonsterONE is an exclusive subscription that provides you with unlimited access to top-quality assets around the clock. Instead of overpaying for a bunch of products bought separately, you have everything in one place. 

Have a look at our pricing page and select the most advantageous plan that corresponds to your requirements. But suppose your project is simple and doesn't require many tools. Then visit the TemplateMonster marketplace, where you are free to purchase assets separately. 

Advantages of the MonsterONE Subscription

Our digital gallery is at your fingertips 24/7. As a member, you will find modern website templates for any type of business. You also obtain other services and products that you may need to improve your project. But if you still need help, you are entitled to annual service support, which is already included in the package price. Enjoy other multiple advantages of MonsterONE, including: 

  • Straightforward customization. Many templates do not require any special technical experience. You may easily install and modify them by yourself. So no need to pay for expensive external services anymore. Add, modify and delete elements on your online resource with ease. 
  • Legal, long-term licenses. Don't worry about legal actions. All our products have proper licensing. 
  • All additional updates come regularly and for free. 
  • Pay with MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, or other popular and trusted payment systems. 
  • Discounts for premium services. Once you subscribe, you gain multiple benefits, including substantial discounts for our additional services. Choose from SEO optimization, content writing, logo creation, and other handy procedures. 
  • If you are a website developer and looking for extra income, you can become one of our authors. All you have to do is select and send us your best works, and after checking, they will appear on our marketplace.
  • We also encourage you to pay attention to our affiliate program. When you advertise our company's products and someone buys them through your affiliate link, you get a commission. You help make a sale, and the company rewards you with a 30% commission. 
  • Professional technical support. All three plans have tech assistance included. It is available for members for 1 year. If you still have questions about the benefits of MonsterONE, just drop us a message in live chat, and we will gladly find the best solution for your project.

Who Will Benefit The Most?

The subscription is beneficial for many categories of professionals, especially:

  • Web studio specialists. The focus of the digital agency goes beyond design. The specialists of these agencies also consider users' general experience, regardless of the type of device used. From web development and web design to UX / UI to SEO and content marketing, a web agency works to create a functional site that looks great and stimulates business growth. Therefore, web studio professionals may need quick access to many web products at once. This is especially true if you have a lot of orders and little time. The subscription allows you to find many effective and high-quality solutions in a few clicks.
  • Web developers. To create an online platform, web developers work with programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They are also likely to use other languages ​​to set up email services, user authentication, databases, and other technical aspects. The job of web developers is very important because they create what your potential customers see. But with a MonsterONE subscription, you don't have to do everything from scratch. The subscription offers unlimited access to ready-made templates for WordPress, e-commerce themes, and other categories of web products, including all types of illustrations and audio/video files. Don't worry about the project's deadline because the platform has everything you need to implement your project successfully in time.
  • Business owners. Potential customers are looking for an easy-to-navigate but professional web page. We have many of them. With our products, you automatically increase your chances of getting a new customer. Professional templates offered by MonsterONE show clients what they will be dealing with by choosing your company.

Gaming CMS FAQ

What gaming CMS for a non-commercial project is good?

Have a look at the WordPress themes. They are suitable as CMS for the gaming community. They are easy to install and customize. Even amateurs and anyone without design expertise will find them comfortable to work with. But suppose you subscribe and find it challenging to design a CMS gaming plan. In that case, you can always consult with our reliable tech support in case you encounter any technical issue.

How to detect what CMS a gaming website is using?

To check which CMS gaming website is operating on, please paste the URL here, and it will give you the answer.

How to get gaming CMS?

To download the favored piece, you need to:
Create a MonsterONE account.
Sign in to your account. 
Hit the Get started button.
Browse through the necessary category.
Watch the demo and read the description of the asset.
Add it to the cart.
Download and adjust its elements accordingly.

What hosting is good for gaming CMS?

You should choose a strong and powerful hosting for the CMS gaming clan that will not limit your possibilities. To know more about the recommended one, please read our article on hosting service providers. Additionally, study the listing of our suggested web hosting services we rate the best for gaming community CMS websites.

Gaming CMS - Enjoy Unlimited Benefits of MonsterONE

Do you feel like the subscription is exactly what you need? Then become a member today and take advantage of MonsterONE without delay. To know more about the opportunities it provides, watch the video above.

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