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Food CMS Designs

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Spice Up Your Website with CMS Food Designs

Want to create a website for your small burger trailer but don’t know how? Need help setting up the menu for your pizza delivery service? Want to set up international delivery for your liquor shop? Look no further than MonsterONE. We have hundreds of nice CMS food designs.

You can, of course, create your own website from scratch, but that takes time, and time is money. By subscribing to MonsterONE, you save money by getting superior products.

Advantages of CMS Food Designs from MonsterONE

Want to know why you need precisely our products? Here is a small list of main features:

  • Easy to use.CMS systems are specifically designed to be understandable and easy to use even by people with no idea about coding. This includes robust admin panel setting to customize your website, drag-and-drop functionality, availability of plugins or modules to download for further options. All of this together grants you nigh unlimited choices and allows for great customization without any knowledge of coding.
  • SEO-ready. Search engines are the primary driver of new visitors to your website, and optimizing for them is crucial if you are looking for success. While a theme on its own will not guarantee you top results in SERPs, it will make the journey there much easier. We offer the best CMS templates for food blogs and websites that comply with all Google and other major search engines’ terms. Our pages load fast, have clean code, are responsive, retina-ready, and more.
  • Responsive. Mobile devices are now a major part of all internet traffic. Adapting to mobile phones, tablets, and other smaller gadgets makes your website more attractive for the average user, which results in more visitors. Our designs are responsive, which means they will adapt to the user’s device parameters on the fly. 
  • Retina-ready. Retina technology is not necessary to have a functioning website, but it certainly adds to the user experience. Having a retina-ready website allows you to take advantage of the richer colors offered by this technology. Make your meals look even more appetizing utilizing the wider spectrum of colors.
  • Clean HTML5 and JavaScript. For those interested in coding yourself, it will be easy to modify our code because we do our best to organize everything neatly for our customers. If coding is alien to you, the best way to put it is like this: everything loads faster because we are awesome.
  • Bootstrap. Most of our themes are using the Bootstrap framework. This is the most flexible CSS and JavaScript library available, with thousands of design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, etc.
  • Ajax. If you want to have dynamically updated information, Ajax is your best friend. This piece of technology allows you to have dynamic info without needing to refresh the webpage.

Get More on Your Plate with MonsterONE

While getting a singular theme is super easy and may be enough for a smaller business, you might need additional assets for bigger enterprises. Luckily, we offer a complex solution with our MonsterONE subscription. Here is what’s on the menu:

  • Creative ($84/year or $7.40/month) – this option grants access to thousands of audio, video, graphic, and design assets.
  • All-in-One ($179/year or $19/month) – this plan expands the previous option to include WordPress, CMS, and eCommerce themes and all relevant plugins and modules.
  • All-in-One Lifetime (one-time payment of $749) – this option is the same as the previous, but it’s a one-time payment for lifetime access. Pay once, use forever.

You can also try out some of our awesome designs with the free account. Pay nothing, use for anything for any amount of time – no questions asked, no strings attached.

CMS Food Designs FAQ

Why do I need SEO-friendly CMS food designs?

SEO is crucial for your websites to appear on the first pages of search engine results. Most users rarely scroll past the few initial results, let alone go to the second page.

Will there be more CMS food designs?

Yes, our library constantly expands. This means that you will get even more bang for your buck using the MonsterONE subscription.

Can you set up a website with your CMS food design for me?

Yes, we offer this service among many others. You can check out our other offers here.

Can you host my website with your CMS food template?

TemplateMonster does not provide hosting, but we are partnered with many great hosting services. You can check out what our partners have to offer here.

5 Best Typography Trends to Use for CMS Food Designs

Making a website for a fancy restaurant? You will need a fancy font! Here are 5 best fonts we compiled for you.

The All-in-One Membership

Get top-notch themes, high-quality extensions and professional support in MonsterONE

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