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Education CMS Designs

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Move to Online Platforms with Education CMS Designs

As you might have already noticed, distance learning is gaining popularity due to the circumstances and its convenience. Moreover, modern people are accustomed to looking for solutions to all their problems on the Internet. Therefore, moving online with your educational products or services is a rather good idea, especially considering education CMS designs.

The education CMS designs, which we offer, are convenient and user-friendly. It has a simple drag-and-drop editing system for you to introduce some changes. You can select layouts, colors, and functionality. Moreover, CMS for education open source allows you to modify coding. Consequently, the templates taken from education CMS designs are suitable both for average computer users and IT guys.

The Use of Education CMS Designs   

With education CMS designs you can create:

  • Educational website (like Quizlet, Classroom, Moodle, etc.);
  • Online book store;
  • Blog about science, education, teaching, schooling, self-improve;
  • Landing page for the school, university, college;
  • Educational magazine;
  • Discussion forum;
  • Online library;
  • Author's blog;
  • Website for publishers;
  • Online dance club, and many more.

If you have more ideas, share them and contact us.

Education CMS Designs Top-Notch Features

Education CMS designs have numerous advantages besides the already mentioned ones:

  • Multipurpose templates. With the TemplateMonster themes, you can build a website, landing page, start a forum, blog, or gallery, establish an online store. Moreover, after creating a shop, you can still transform it into something else.
  • The admin panel serves as a convenient editing tool to modify your website, change layouts, select colors, and more. Moreover, the board enables you to keep in touch with customers, manage orders and discounts, and receive positive and negative feedback.
  • Online store opportunity allows you to place 20 000+ products and services on your website. The simple and simultaneously eye-catching design is going to make a good impression on visitors. Moreover, the user-friendly interface will save them time, money, and effort.
  • Retina Readiness. With the technological progress, which continues up to now, the images are becoming better and better. Some pictures are so idealized that they ar
  • e unparalleled to our reality. Therefore, we provide templates with education CMS designs that are retina-ready. Such a feature implies that your website is visible on high-quality screens (HD, FHD, UHD).
  • MegaMenu gives your potential customers various options. It is an extended menu according to which the search result will be more precise. A potential customer will be able to find the desired item quickly and almost effortlessly.
  • Google Maps integration saves both time and effort as there is no need to copy the address, go to the app and insert it. All your clients have to do is click on the map, and it will lead them right into your office\store\company. How convenient it is!

Education CMS Designs with MonsterONE

As we understand that people have different needs, financial capacities, and preferences, we provide two buying opportunities for you to have access to education CMS designs:

  1. The retail purchase option is the best choice if you know what you aim for and have a specific project. Accordingly, it is far more suitable to buy 2-3 TemplateMonster web items. Another reason for buying a single product might be the desire to try. Then try and become sure of our products' top-notch quality. However, it would help if you compared: while a separate education template costs up to $99, a whole subscription with unlimited downloads is $93 annually. 
  2. The wholesale purchase option is for creative and imaginative personalities who might come up with incredible ideas at any time. MonsterONE is a marketplace where you can choose from three plans containing different web assets or available for another time. Acquiring ONE subscription, you get unlimited downloads and access to all the top TemplateMonster items. What a bargain!

MonsterONE Prices

We have three plans to offer:

  1. The CREATIVE package includes graphic and design assets, videos and audios, 3D models, a year of product support and chat, and general assistance. Get all of these for only $93 annually. This plan is worth skipping several cups of coffee a month.
  2. The ALL-IN-ONE plan contains all the best TemplateMonster items, including CMS, WordPress, HTML, E-Commerce templates. Discover the full range and get yourself unlimited space for creativity for only $179 annually equals $14.95 a month. You can easily afford not to go for some brunch a few times per month.
  3. The ALL-IN-ONE one-time fee package is a ticket to a successful future. By buying this plan, you get lifetime access to all the TemplateMonster web products. Moreover, we do not limit you from updates. Pay $649 once and stay up to date forever. 

Education CMS Designs FAQ

Is It Important for Education CMS Designs to Be SEO-Friendly?

Yes, it is. SEO optimization ensures your website's visibility in search engines. It makes a good impression on your prospective customers and maintains your good name. However, to get more traffic, you should order extended on-page SEO.

Why Is It Essential for an Education CMS Designs to Have a Mobile Version?

You will only benefit if your website has a mobile version. Many people order some goods and services while in a hurry or on the move. Therefore, 50% of the general traffic depends on mobile-friendliness.

How to Contact You if Any Problems with Education CMS Designs Occur?

This process is simple: Reach the "Get in Touch" page. Fill in the form. Submit it and receive your answer within 24 hours.

How to Become an Author for Education CMS Designs?

1. Get to the "Become an Author" page.
2. Sign up with your Google, Facebook account, or email.
3. Start uploading your web products and wait until they are approved.
4. Beware that all the works undergo thorough testing.

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