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Car CMS Designs

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Sliced PSD 75
Mobile Layout Included 74
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Parallax 64
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Start Your Journey to E-Commerce with Car CMS

As the world develops, everything is becoming available online. People would rather scroll several web pages and find the desired or necessary product or service than stand in long lines in the malls and be stuck in congestion. Everyone benefits from the Internet because it saves both money and time. Moreover, we use less fuel and do less harm to our ecosystem while ordering items via the Internet.

Start boosting your online car selling\renting business with our amazing car CMS. Its web items boast a simple editing process with a drag-and-drop system. The most popular CMS is WordPress. The templates from car CMS are suitable both for average computer users and IT guys. They are easy to use and have a simplistic state-of-the-art design. So hurry up and select the wanted items!

Where to Use Car CMS?

Car CMS is the best choice for both personal and commercial purposes. Using our outstanding web items, you can become an owner of:

  • Car Landing Page;
  • Automobile Advertisement Campaign;
  • Online Car Catalog;
  • Car Gallery;
  • Blog on Automobiles;
  • Online Car Rent Service;
  • Online Tire Fitting Preorder Service;
  • Service Station Website, and many more.

There also exists the opportunity to create a portfolio, resume, or presentation. Therefore, do not hesitate to use our web products if you are:

  • Auto Body Technician;
  • Car Dealer;
  • Auto Sales Manager;
  • Car Rental Agent;
  • Vehicle Inspector, and more than that.

Car CMS Astounding Features

First, car CMS offers a wide range of options:

  1. OpenCart Templates;
  2. Shopify Templates;
  3. Joomla Themes;
  4. Magento Themes;
  5. PrestaShop Templates, and many more. 

All of them have the following amazing advantages: 

  • Full Responsiveness. While surfing the Web, you might encounter some low-quality websites with tiny unreadable letters and poor design. This situation will not happen with our car CMS templates because they adapt to a screen independently of its size. Therefore, you can be sure of your website’s clear visibility on such gadgets as laptops, PCs, smartphones, tablets, and more.
  • The Parallax Effect. If you want to amaze the visitors to your website, you should consider using our templates. With the parallax effect, you can be sure that your web page will capture the interest of potential customers as the background is different from the foreground and creates a three-dimensional view. Appearance plays a huge role as it is the first thing a visitor sees.
  • Some templates allow you to add a background video. Consequently, if you have a promo for your car service or an advertisement, you should consider using it. In such a way, more people will recognize your brand.
  • Forum Opportunity. If you want to receive recommendations, complaints, or offers on your products and services or just converse with people, you can start a forum. Being an entrepreneur, car rental manager, businessman, or businesswoman, you will only take advantage of it.
  • Online Shop\Store. Having an online store with our car CMS, you can place 20 000+ goods and services on the market. The convenient web interface allows your customers to find the required items time-efficiently and almost effortlessly.
  • Sample Content. Sometimes everyone runs out of ideas. But never mind, we can give you a hand with it. The sample content serves as the source of inspiration and the push to creativity:)
  • Google Maps Integration. Now the maps are right on your website. All a visitor should do is click on them, and then the app opens and leads him\her directly into your office/store/company.

Car CMS with MonsterONE

There are two purchase options to offer you:

  1. The retail buying opportunity is a good decision for those aiming for something specific. If you worked out a project and need only several web products to accomplish it, you should consider choosing this option.
  2. The wholesale purchase option is a limitless field of creativity. With a MonsterONE subscription, you can become an owner of a well-built website and promote your products efficiently. It offers you three different plans that vary either in web assets or in availability duration. We created three packages to meet our customers’ requirements as we understand that people have different needs, preferences, and financial capacities.


Is Mobile-Friendliness Important in Car CMS?

Yes, it is. When a website has a mobile version, it is easier to promote it. The reason is that most people surf the Internet via smartphones. Therefore, over 50% of website traffic depends on mobile-friendliness.

How to Get In Touch while Having Questions about Car CMS?

We have a contact page where you can fill in the form. After submitting it, you will receive the answer within 24 hours, except it is the weekend. We are pleased to assist.

What Is MegaMenu in Car CMS?

The MegaMenu is an extended menu with numerous options. The menu is so detailed for you to get very precise search results. With such a feature, your website will simplify your customers’ lives and maintain a good name.

Can You Help Me Install Automobile Themes from Car CMS?

Yes, we provide such a service for an extra fee. Moreover, we can give you a hand with web copywriting, extended on-page SEO optimization, logo creation, and many more. Check out the whole list of services.

Car CMS Related Video

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