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Art CMS Designs

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Responsive 110
Bootstrap 90
Admin Panel 86
Dropdown Menu 72
Online Store/Shop 70
JQuery 69
HTML 5 65
Blog 60
Retina Ready 59
eCommerce 56
Sample content 52
Quickstart Package 49
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Parallax 45
Google map 45
MegaMenu 45
HTML plus JS 40
Tabs 40
Mobile Layout Included 38
Advanced Theme Options 37
Right to left language support 35
Sliced PSD 31
Performance Optimization 27
Gallery 25
Lazy Load effect 24
Drag and Drop Content 18
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Dropshipping 15
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3.8 6
3.6.5 2
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2.5.10 1
2.5.9 1
2.5 3
2.1.7 3
1.9.2.x 6 6 8 12 11 11 15 12 12 1 1
1.7.x 11
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1.7.5 10 8
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Remarkable Art CMS - Creative Solutions for Your Stand-out Website

Art takes no limits. Being a creative expression of people's ideas and imaginations, it has a global reach and occupies every corner of the world. It influences society, changes opinions and values, and translates experiences across space and time. Suppose you are the one who refers to this activity. In that case, that is as natural as breathing, and if you want to share your works and inspire people, discover art CMS by MonsterONE. With the following ready-mades, you may build an impressive online presence without starting from scratch and take your platform to success.

Who Might Need Art CMS

Sometimes it's rather challenging to select a web asset that can showcase your creativity and talent perfectly. That's why all the products from our digital gallery are multipurpose and boast all the necessary features. They will help you display your portfolio, photo gallery, or visual graphics professionally.

Thus, our pre-made assets are suitable for:

  • Artists engaged in any cultural sphere;
  • Art therapy specialists;
  • Exhibition designers;
  • Graphic designers and illustrators;
  • Museum exhibitions officers;
  • Gallery curators;
  • Photographers;
  • Multimedia animators;
  • Writers and authors;
  • Film and video editors;
  • People of business who run art e-stores;
  • Any other creative professionals.

Art CMS Must-Have Functionalities

If you are an artist, you understand how essential a striking visual side is. And while your artworks will undoubtedly convey this purpose, your online source should also present your portfolio in the right light. As well, the ready-made you choose must strike a balance of the attractive layout, modern functionality, and straightforward customization. Thus, you will be able to craft a unique design to complement your artworks. All the products we provide combine the essential characteristics. They include:

  • Smooth and valid HTML5 coding;
  • Bootstrap framework;
  • jQuery JavaScript library;
  • Adaptation to mobile devices;
  • SEO optimization;
  • AJAX technique support;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • Convenient admin panel;
  • Dropdown menu;
  • Detailed documentation;
  • Integration with Google Maps;
  • Integration with social media networks;
  • Advanced theme options;
  • Different extensions and add-ons;
  • The blog module, portfolio, and more.

Finding the Best CMS for Art Websites with MonsterONE

Our service offers its customers everything for building a striking online presence. You may pick out the professional CMS for any occasion. Our collections include:


Our subscription is available in three pricing plans:

  1. Creative for $93 yearly, including all the graphics, audio & video files, 3D models, and presentation assets;
  2. All-in-one for $179 annually, covering benefits from the first package and some additional ones (WordPress, CMS, and HTML templates, E-commerce assets, and different plugins);
  3. All-in-one Unlimited for $649 per lifetime gives access to all the unlimited advantages of our platform.

If you need to download a product on a one-off basis, you can also do that. For this, refer to a single purchase. It allows you to buy any ready-made from the TemplateMonster marketplace.


How to find out what art CMS your website is using?

You may select one of the special services for this purpose. They help to detect the CMS used with a link to its official website. But the easiest way is to paste your site URL here or check the code page of your portal.

How to choose a template to use with art CMS?

You may set the required features or choose corresponding tags using the left panel. If you want to see how the selected sample will look and work, check the live demo. It perfectly demonstrates the template and its main elements.

What web hosting for working with art CMS will you recommend?

It is a rather complicated subject, but you may read our article about hosting service providers to puzzle it out. As well, check out a list of our recommended web hosting services. It can also be useful.

Can I get expert help in setting up a store with art CMS?

Our experts in web development provide help in launching an e-store of any type. You may order the installation and further configuration of a template or choose other premium services from the list of available ones.

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