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Architecture CMS Designs

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Architecture 99
Responsive 89
Bootstrap 82
Admin Panel 76
Dropdown Menu 62
HTML 5 58
JQuery 56
Google map 50
Retina Ready 48
Sample content 46
Blog 45
Advanced Theme Options 45
Quickstart Package 44
HTML plus JS 37
Online Store/Shop 32
Gallery 30
eCommerce 30
Tabs 29
MegaMenu 29
Parallax 25
Mobile Layout Included 24
Ajax 23
Multipurpose 23
Sliced PSD 19
Right to left language support 17
Forum 15
Drag and Drop Content 14
Lazy Load effect 13
Portfolio 13
Performance Optimization 13
Dropshipping 9
Background video 8
Website Builder 6
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Completely JS 4
j2store 4
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3.8.4 2
3.8.2 1
3.8 9
3.5 3
3.3.6 1
3.2.3 1
3.2.1 1
3.2.0 1
3.1.5 1
3.1.1 1
3.0.2 1
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2.5.17 1
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2.4.3 1
2.4.2 1
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2.3.2 1
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2.3.0 1
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1.9.2.x 4 4 8 8 8 6 8 8 7
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8.0.x 1
1.7.x 4
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The Best CMS for Architecture Websites is the Perfect Combination of Functions and Design

Using the website is the perfect solution for brand promotion and recognition. It suits any business type and size. However, there is one but a huge drawback - tough competition. It happened because customers prefer online shopping, so shop owners create web pages to attract them and increase sales. We have a perfect solution. With the MonsterOne subscription, you will be able to download for free any multipurpose CMS template and therefore stand out from your competitors. Our designs are not just attractive, but they were developed by professionals who created stunning designs and added a wide variety of useful functions by following all modern trends in web development.

What is CMS? And why is it so important?

Content Management System is open-source software that simplifies the process of creating the website. So, people with no technical knowledge. Instead of struggling with the writing and modifying the code, you will spend more time on the more important things like the design and each web page's content. Because of this simple but essential advantage, people prefer the CMS rather than the HTML. Besides, most CMSs like WordPress or Shopify are easy to use and intuitive and enable you to create a website with no coding knowledge.

Architecture CMS Striking Characteristics 

Among the features of the Architecture CMS, you may find:

  • Responsiveness makes the content readable on any screen size.
  • Dropdown Menu improves web navigation and helps visitors easily find what they need.
  • Google map allows people to find the exact location of your architecture or the real estate company.
  • Online Store/Shop enables you to increase sales by giving people the opportunity to buy apartments or accessories for their homes online, provide discounts, and communicate with them.
  • Admin Panel simplifies the process of managing the products and orders
  • Sample content will show you what type of information to include on the particular pages.

Among other essential features, you may find JQuery, Bootstrap, Sliced PSD, and Ajax.

However, before layout downloading, check the details to ensure that the design includes the required characteristics.

How to Save Money Getting the Architecture CMS Layouts

If you are a developer or just an owner of a diverse project and need a website for each of them, it is costly to buy each template separately. For instance, if you need five unique and qualitative layouts, you will spend on average $200. With the MonsterONE subscription, you pay just $179 for unlimited downloads for the whole year. The subscription enables you to download for free any item like the website or presentation templates, plugins, graphics, and much more. So, why should you waste your time and money on looking for the particular products when you can just get everything on the same platform and at a lower price. MonsterONE subscription provides only the high quality that professionals regularly check. 

Benefits of the MonsterOne Subscription 

  • Professional consistent support. So, you will get help with any issues ant at any time.
  • Extra services. If you have a design and want to order additional professional services like writing content, creating the logo, customization, installation of the templates, etc., just click here. Usually, there are discounts for the MonsterOne membership.
  • Constant updating. To keep up with time, we regularly update all the products and add new ones. So, while searching for the template or the plugins, you can click the "Newest," and you will see all-new layouts.
  • Secure. If you have purchased the subscription and realized that there are no items for your project, you can cancel the subscription for 14 days and get a refund, but it will be only if you haven't downloaded any item.

What are the Most Popular Content Management systems that can use the Architecture CMS?

WordPress is widely known as a free, open-source CMS. If you are not sure which hosting to choose and whether WordPress is the good one, please read the article about the comparison of GoDaddy and WordPress. For more articles, visit our blog, where you will find many tutorials, themes collections for any business type, a list of recommendations and plugins. 

Click the link to view the themes for WordPress.

You can also check the templates for OpenCart, Shopify, Joomla, Magento, VirtueMart.

Architecture CMS FAQ

Which Businesses Benefit from Architecture CMS Designs?

All the themes from the MonsterONE subscription are multipurpose so that you can apply them according to your taste and view. However, there are a lot of designs that can perfectly suit your project type. With the Architecture CMS, you may create and perfectly advertise the following project types: Bathroom accessories; Wood store; Garden tool store; Estate agencies; Construction company; Furniture and home decor etc. 

How to Download for Free the Architecture CMS?

1. Choose the design you like. 2. Read the description carefully together with the list of features. 3. Watch the Demo of it. 4. Click download. 5. Apply it to your project.

Why Do I Need a Mobile-friendly Architecture CMS Design?

We all have an extremely fast life tempo. Therefore we want to spend each minute wisely. So, anytime when we have a spare minute for surfing the internet and shopping. In such a case, mobile-friendliness is of great help, and each webpage and its content will look attractive on any device with any screen resolution.

Where do I get help with the Architecture CMS?

If there are any questions about the subscription or products, contact Customer support by clicking the hot button in the MonsterONE page's right-hand corner. 
If there are problems with the product, you can ask for technical support.
If you want to order the extra services like full website setup or logo creation, click the link and choose what you need.

Overview of the Best Architecture CMS

Look at the architecture CMS sample design and understand what you need. Also, watching the video allows you to watch how the applied template looks like. Listen also for the features that are considered useful for any layout.

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