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PrestaShop Food Themes

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Cleanse Your Palate with Fresh PrestaShop Food Templates

Want to satisfy the gourmet tastes of internet visitors but don’t know how? Look no further than our PrestaShop food themes. With these eCommerce designs, you will be able to impress even the most demanding consumers.

PrestaShop offers incredible flexibility. The system is translated into more than 75 languages and supports different currencies for different countries. It is open-source and has many modules to help you further customize your website.

Who needs PrestaShop Food Templates?

Whether you are a massive corporation or a small local business, you might want to invest in a nice website. Here is only a small list of enterprises that will be interested in our PrestaShop food templates:

  • Grocery stores – the most encompassing type of food stores, the grocery store has everything from meat to fruits, from drinks to spices, from cheap to exorbitantly expensive. Whatever you have, you can show it off either using catalog mode or even offering delivery.
  • Restaurants – restaurants of all varieties will greatly benefit from using our eCommerce designs. Whether you are offering all kinds of dishes or specialize in the national cuisine, there are ways to customize our themes to your liking.
  • Coffee and tea shops – people are usually divided into tea-drinkers and coffee-drinkers, and we have some themes for those specific niches you might like.
  • Liquor stores – whether you sell anything that burns or specialize in fine wine or great beer, we have something for you.
  • Organic food shops – some people like to eat only organic foods, and they are easy to understand. We offer some themes that reflect this lifestyle and will be pleasant to look at for those green thumbs.
  • Vegan/vegetarian food shops – most grocery stores aimed at the general public do not have a great selection of vegan-friendly products. However, our library certainly has a great selection of designs for your vegan-friendly website.
  • Pet food shops – pets need food too. Plain and simple. We have a few templates for your furry friends’ meals.
  • Specialized food stores – bakeries, candy shops, spice stores, and more can find great templates in our extensive library. And if not, we have universally applicable eCommerce designs in store.

Advantages of Using PrestaShop Food Themes

You can construct your website from the ground up, but MonsterONE offers a much more convenient solution. Here is just a small list of pros:

  • Easy customization. 

While our themes are good and are ready to work immediately, you might want to customize them a bit. Luckily, PrestaShop is super flexible. You can quickly make meaningful changes to the interface through the admin panel. For example, you can switch your shop to catalog mode by simply turning off the prices, shipping, and basket features and only a couple of clicks.

  • Responsive.

Mobile devices have recently overtaken PCs in the amount of internet traffic. This means that more and more websites will accommodate for these mobile devices, and if you don’t, you are losing out on millions of potential customeIn addition, all All of our templates are responsive, meaning they will change depending on the device the visitor is using. This includes stretching or compressing pictures, redistributing UI elements, and more.

  • Bootstrap.

Many of our templates utilize Bootstrap frameworks and are therefore easy to get accustomed to, even for beginners. 

  • Ajax.

This technology allows you to have dynamically updated information on your website without having to refresh the website each time. This means you can display pretty much any information you want in real-time: number of satisfied customers, orders in progress, hot meals given to charity – whatever captures your fancy.

  • SEO-ready.

While using our templates will not automatically push you to the top of SERPs, it will certainly make this journey feel smoother. Our eCommerce designs adhere to Google’s recommendations, including mobile-friendliness, loading speeds, multi-lingual support, and more.

  • Retina-ready.

Retina displays allow users to experience sharper images with richer colors – if the image provides. With our food store designs, you will be able to take advantage of these advanced displays. The change is fairly subtle but noticeable enough for the users to keep coming back.

  • Clean HTML5 and JavaScript.

Our authors are professionals with many years of experience in constructing great shop designs. This ensures short loading times and the ability to easily make changes in the code if you have the necessary knowledge.

Why You Absolutely Need MonsterONE Subscription

MonsterONE is a subscription service that allows you to get many benefits for a relatively small price. It’s easy to get, easy to benefit from, and extremely easy to pay for. Here are the different plans we offer:

  • Creative – for just $82/year, you will get countless audio, video, graphic, and design assets. For just $7.40/month, you could get access to unlimited downloads from our giant library.
  • All-in-One – this is a small step up from the Creative plan as it also adds all WordPress, CMS, and eCommerce themes as well as thousands of free plugins and modules for them. This will cost you $179/year or $19/month. 
  • All-in-One Lifetime – this tier is identical to the previous, except it’s forever. For a lump sum of $749, you will gain access to all our assets. This offer is especially good because you get more value for your money over time as our library expands.

Not ready for financial commitment? Don’t worry; we have many free PrestaShop food themes available via our free subscription. With a free account, you can download several themes and other assets to freely use for any project – no strings attached.

PrestaShop Food Templates FAQ

Why do I need SEO-friendly PrestaShop food templates?

SEO-friendliness is crucial if you want your website to be discovered by users frequently. It drives more potential clients to your business, and more of them will stay and buy your produce due to enhances user experience.

Will there be more PrestaShop food templates?

Absolutely! MonsterONE library is constantly expanding. If you did not find a theme you like, check back in a month, and you might find something to your taste.

Can you set up a website with your PrestaShop food template for me?

Most definitely! We provide a wide range of services to our customers. This includes basic installation, full website configuration, and even copywriting services.

Can you host my website with your PrestaShop food template?

While TemplateMonster does not host any websites personally, our partners do. They also have experience with PrestaShop, so they will have no problem setting up your site. There are many other offers available via our partners – have a look and find what you need.

Best Fire Stock Videos for Your PrestaShop Food Themes in 2021

How do you cook most foods? You set them on fire! Have a look at our best fire stock videos to complement your PrestaShop food templates.

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