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PrestaShop Fashion Themes

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PrestaShop Fashion Themes — Benefit from Clothes Industry

Fashion started to make a difference since people began to wear clothes. Nowadays, trends are sweeping, and it is hard to follow them. Yesterday we wore skinny jeans, whereas today oversized outfits are gaining popularity. The same thing is happening with color trends. Therefore, you can promote your clothing store efficiently with our PrestaShop fashion themes as they are editable, and you will need to adapt to new and new tendencies.

Having a website is an essential part of any modern business because we have quickly moved to online platforms since the pandemics started. Today's society would rather look for some fashion products on the Internet than go and shop. First, it is effective in terms of time, and scrolling through some beautiful models wearing trendy looks gives you aesthetic pleasure. Every person working with people has their style to have a confident vibe. As a result, fashion websites boast numerous visitors, from teachers to business executives.

Where to Use PrestaShop Fashion Themes?

Clothes are not the only thing you can sell with our top-notch PrestaShop fashion. The choice range is quite complex. Build a website for:

  • jewelry online store;
  • hand-made fashion items shop;
  • shoes online store;
  • brand cosmetics catalog;
  • bags online shop;
  • modern women's clothing, etc.

The templates are multipurpose but editing them requires coding skills. However, if it is not a problem for you, you can convert a theme into almost any well-known online platform such as CMS, WordPress, and more. Moreover, you can transform it into a gallery, blog, or forum having an online shop.

PrestaShop Fashion Themes Main Advantages

Check the list of PrestaShop fashion themes top features and find the ones you are searching for your future website. We test all the products several times before placing them on the marketplace for you to omit inconveniences.

Multilanguage and Multicurrency

Our PrestaShop fashion themes boast vast demand in Europe. Therefore, the platform has 75 language options and the opportunity to choose currency. If English is not your mother tongue, feel comfortable selecting the one you are fluent in. Being Polish, you can pay in zlotys. We do our best for you to be pleased with your choice.

Sample Content

Inspiration is a limited resource, and every one of us sometimes runs into a deficit of it. Considering it, we provided you with sample content that can lead you to more ideas on organizing a website and presenting the information. Inserting the sample content, we paid attention to the latest trends.

Online Shop\Store

PrestaShop fashion themes are mostly aimed at creating an online shop with them. Therefore, you can display 20 000+ products on the website made with our amazing templates. The convenient web interface will please the eyes of a potential customer. The templates are suitable for small as well as big businesses.

Admin Panel

Some PrestaShop fashion themes have an admin panel. It is user-friendly and boasts the following characteristics:

  • Simple design editing process (change of colors, layouts, etc.);
  • Orders and discounts management;
  • Keeping in touch with customers.

DropDown Menu

Scrolling the Web, you often come across some unnecessary menus popping up and overlapping important information. Quite annoying. With the dropdown menu function, you can be sure your customers will not experience such disturbance. This menu appears only if a person clicks on a certain button. It will not serve as an obstruction to the important content.

Responsible Design

Running into a poorly displayed website is not a pleasant experience. Considering it, we make sure all our fashion templates are fully responsible. This feature helps your website be sharply visible on devices with different screen sizes, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. If your web page is adaptable, it will not scare visitors off at a glance, and the feature increases the possibility of getting new customers.

Parallax Effect 

The parallax effect creates the impression of reality, as, with it, the background moves differently to the foreground. With this advantage, your website will look stylish and catch the eye of a possible client. When we talk about fashion, such websites need to stay trendy and up-to-date.

PrestaShop Fashion Themes with MonsterONE

As we care to meet our customers' requirements, we have two purchase options to offer: wholesale and retail. Getting a wholesale buying opportunity is a good choice for creative and flexible people as after acquiring a subscription, you have access to all the items available in your package. You can download as many items as necessary and build numerous web projects. The retail purchase option is suitable for those who need only several certain web products and have a clear image of their creation. Buying a single PrestaShop fashion theme will cost you up to $99, while the cheapest MonsterONE annual plan is priced at $82. It is a real bargain!

As we understand that our clients might have different needs, preferences, and financial capacities, we provide three plans, each of them either varies in a complete set or is available for another time duration:

  • The CREATIVE plan contains presentation themes, graphics, and design assets, videos and audios, 3D models, and a year of technical support. These will only cost you $82 annually, which equals skipping several cups of coffee a month.
  • Besides the items mentioned above, the All-IN-ONE plan also has various themes, including E-commerce, CMS, WordPress, and more, trendy plugins, and add-ons. You can get all the MonsterONE top-notch web items for $179 yearly ($14.95 monthly). Stay a weekend home, and enjoy a year of having the space for embodying ideas.
  • The ALL-IN-ONE one-time fee plan is for those who want to invest in their future. Acquiring ONE membership, you obtain all the best TemplateMonster products, including future updates. We do our best for you to keep up with the latest trends. If you know that ideas come to your mind unexpectedly, this package is definitely for you. Pay once — enjoy for a lifetime. The cost is $599 that equals postponing buying a new phone. You will afford a better one if you contribute to your future.

PrestaShop Fashion Themes FAQ

Is it Important for PrestaShop Fashion Themes to Be Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, it is. Having a mobile-friendly website, you will only benefit from this feature. Nobody likes to run into a low-quality PC version of web pages with their smartphones and struggle to catch on to the sense of those tiny letters. Moreover, the statistics say that above 50% of Internet users surf it via phones. Therefore, such an advantage will contribute to the traffic.

Why Should PrestaShop Fashion Themes Be SEO-Optimized?

There are many reasons for PrestaShop fashion themes, to name but a few: SEO helps your website to be on top places in search engines; it boosts your reputation, making your website visible for potential clients; SEO is a pleasant compliment to an advertisement.

How to Contact You if I Have Problems with PrestaShop Fashion Themes?

Reach our contact page to get in touch. Fill in the form given and wait for the answer. Our staff will call you within 24 hours. They work 24/5 except on the weekends.

How to Install a PrestaShop Fashion Theme?

We can give you a hand, consider using our additional services. You can order there: logo creation; copywriting; All-in-One store setup, and more.

PrestaShop Fashion Themes Video

Watch the video on how to download PrestaShop fashion themes from the MonsterONE platform. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get more information and tutorials on SEO, web development, web trends, and more. Welcome to the TemplateMonster family!

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