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Join MonsterOne Affiliate Program

Earn up to 30% commission for every new customer you refer to MonsterONE.

  • Personal affiliate assistant;
  • Commissions from sub-affiliate sales;
  • Access to a rich set of free promotional tools;
  • Access to the affiliate dashboard to track stats and sales.

Join MonsterONE Affiliate Program If You Are

Earn up to 30% commission for every new customer you refer to MonsterONE.
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How Does It Work

In addition to paying 30% for the initial client's purchase, we provide you with a set of free tools to help you with online promotion and marketing. The application process is easy; just follow these simple steps.
1 Follow the link and sign up.

Create and verify your affiliate account and instantly get access to the admin panel.

2 Share your referral links

Generate referral links that will contain your affiliate ID, share those links on your website, social media accounts, your newsletter, and so on

3 Track the stats

Within the affiliate admin panel, you can analyze your campaigns. Experiment with traffic sources to find quality leads; the more leads you refer, the more you will earn.

4 Get your commission

For every MonsterONE subscriber, you refer to us, get a commission of up to 30%. Check which MonsterONE pricing plan works better for you to create more effective campaigns.

Affiliate Tools for Everyone

We want to help you improve your affiliate campaigns, which is why you can use our free affiliate tools and promo materials. Feel free to use our banners sets designed to fit AdWords and most social media platforms. Also, we have pop-ups, videos, social media posts, and more. If you think that there should be something more, feel free to drop us a line, we'll gladly help you
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MonsterONE Affiliates’ Success Stories

Aigars Silkalns Articles

It’s been three years since I joined the MonsterOne Affiliate Program, and I am pleased to assume. They provide the best commission in the market. I get a basic 30% reward from every unique sale, which is more than $50 per order with my referral link. The best solution I could ever have!

Martijn Munneke Video

We have a web design studio, and we join MonsterOne Affiliate Program to start selling our products in the marketplace. When we learned that we could also make a profit in the affiliate program, we didn’t hesitate and joined right away. Earning a 95% commission from one product is a dream that came true!

David Attard Banners

I appreciate what you guys are doing! I’ve downloaded so many WordPress themes from your site. Recently, I joined your affiliate program and started to spread the word about my favourite items with a referral link. I like what you do! Especially your free affiliate tools are useful for me. Keep going!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the MonsterONE Affiliate Program?

We welcome everyone to join; no matter if you have a blog, there are many options to promote affiliate links without having a customer base or hundreds of subscribers. Your profession doesn't matter either you can be a web developer, designer, marketing specialist, or whoever else, join the MonsterONE affiliate program.

How can I register in the MonsterONE Affiliate Program?

Click the link to create and verify your affiliate account.

I'm new to all these things; what's an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is your identifier; it tracks and records sales that you generate as an affiliate partner. All MonsterONE affiliate links feature a suffix at the end ?aff=your_affiliate_ID

What tools does the TemplateMonster Affiliate Program include?

TemplateMonster affiliate partners can use articles, videos, banners, social media posts, showcases, top bars, and many other free tools.

How do you track sales and traffic that your website receives via my links?

Affiliate cookies are valid for 60 days. As part of the TemplateMonster Affiliate program, you will earn a 30% commission for any new subscriber user.

How can I track statistics and my earnings in the MonsterONE Affiliate program?

Open the Reports tab there you will find the number of clicks and sales performed via your affiliate links.

Will I get paid for sub-affiliate sales?

Of course, you will earn a 5% commission for every sub-affiliate sales.

What's needed to verify an account and get a payout?

MonsterONE Affiliate program performs payouts via PayPal, Bank / Wire Transfer, and WebMoney.
To verify your account, you need to upload a government-issued document that confirms your identity.
When your account is verified, you can request the payout.
The payout takes 5-10 business after we receive your request.

Can I use paid ads to promote my affiliate link?

Yes, you may use Google Adwords or any other tool. At the same time, there are some keywords that you cannot use: "templatemonster" or its variations, including its misspellings. In your affiliate account, you can find a complete list of restricted keywords.

Can I get a free consultation from my affiliate manager?

Yes, you can! Send an email to [email protected], and your manager will assist you with any questions.