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DeenWap - WordPress Author Profile Widget For Elementor WordPress Plugin

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Short description:

DeenWap introduces an advanced, responsive, and highly customizable author profile widget designed specifically for WordPress websites using Elementor. This widget enhances your site by displaying a comprehensive author profile that includes the author's name, biography, reviews, and an interactive action button for seamless visitor engagement. Additionally, it highlights the author's expertise, recent clients, skills, social media links, and educational background, making it an ideal solution for websites with multiple authors or contributors. The widget's flexibility allows you to tailor each profile to reflect the author's unique attributes, thereby enhancing the credibility and professionalism of your website.

With DeenWap, you can present a visually appealing and informative author profile that resonates with your audience. The widget supports video popups for engaging introductions, badges to highlight significant achievements, and various interactive elements that encourage visitor interaction. By using this widget, you ensure that your authors' profiles are not only informative but also visually compelling and up-to-date, enhancing user experience and engagement across your website.

Key Features:

  • Avatar: Display a personalized image of the author for easy recognition.
  • Video Popup: Add a video introduction to engage visitors and provide a dynamic first impression.
  • Badge: Feature special achievements or recognitions to add prestige to the author's profile.
  • Name: Prominently display the author’s name for clear identification.
  • Review: Showcase the author’s reviews and ratings to build trust and credibility.
  • Action Button: Include interactive buttons such as "Contact Me" or "Get a Quote" to facilitate easy communication.
  • Expertise: List the author’s areas of specialization to highlight their professional strengths.
  • Clients: Display recent clients to showcase the author’s experience.
  • Skills: Present a list of key abilities and strengths to quickly inform visitors of the author’s capabilities.
  • Social Presence: Link to social media profiles so visitors can connect and follow the author on various platforms.
  • Education: Share the author’s educational background to emphasize their qualifications and academic achievements.

By installing the pro version of DeenWap plugin, you gain access to advanced features allowing for a dynamic and engaging author profile. You can add or update the following sections in the edit profile option:

  • Video Popup
  • Badge
  • Review
  • Action Button
  • Expertise
  • Clients
  • Skills
  • Social Presence
  • Education

Once Installed, these details are accessible via Elementor dynamic tags, ensuring the author profiles across your website are always current and engaging.

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