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Fashion Online Shop Layout PSD Template

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by Vision
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Fashion Online Shop Layout PSD Template
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Short description:

This is a stylish layout design for an online women fashion shop. The design is suitable for viewing on a standart computer monitor and also on various mobile devices. The overall style of the design resembles a fashion magazine layout which makes it different from many other online fashion shops which designs are more functionally oriented. Another feature of it is the use of larger pictures which gives the products better first look perception. Several arrangement styles are used through the design starting from top to bottom which created a diverse visual perception and experience. The vector elements features correspond to the image features. This way of presenting text information and functional elements like buttons achieves better visual transition between the key elements of the design - photographs and the other vector based elements.

This design is available as a Scalable Vector Graphics file under .SVG format. This type of file can be easily edited using the easy to use open-source vector graphics software Inkscape. Please take in mind that the photographs are not included in the distributed file. Photographs are replaced by vector rectangle placeholders. The colours, fonts and all elements can be edited to personal taste.

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