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Design Website Templates: Creating a Powerful Project from Scratch  

The Internet has long been more than just a massive information library. It is also a great way to promote yourself. After all, having a website is a powerful tool for work, increasing income, and presenting yourself in a better manner. If you have an online resource - it works on your image and indicates the technical advancement of the company you own. So, let's imagine you decided to build a site. The following question is how to start and where to look for the necessary tools? Suppose you want to create a unique product that will perfectly match your corporate identity and allow customers to use all the company offerings online. In that case, we have the perfect solutions. We have prepared exclusive design website templates for you. 

These are ready-made products with all the required functionality, using which you can make an awesome online resource in a few hours. You can get access to this collection by activating a MonsterONE subscription, the price of which is comparable to a few cab rides. Take a chance to create a powerful project and use only the best web solutions! Let's go.

Who Will Benefit from Design Website Templates? 

The web design template usage is quite wide. And you can make sure of it just by seeing the collection content. Here the products cover completely different subjects. In other words, there are solutions for every taste and purpose. Moreover, one of the main features of these proposals is a unique design. And these are not just buzzwords. Each item is designed with the latest web design trends in mind. Color schemes are chosen according to the theme topic and its mood. For example, for medical projects, preferred colors are white, blue, and gray. If it's a portfolio page, you can often find different solutions with bright and juicy colors or minimalist black and white, etc. So, if you opt for our ready-made products, feel free to use them for creating online projects for:

  • architectural office and landscaping,
  • development and IT startups,
  • personal pages,
  • photographer's portfolio,
  • art gallery,
  • creative agency and web studio,
  • business consulting,
  • construction company,
  • online equipment store,
  • home services,
  • pet stores and veterinary clinics,
  • resume,
  • furniture salon and interior design,
  • showrooms, 
  • blog and newspaper and magazine pages,
  • tattoo studio, etc.

Key Features of Modern Website Design Templates

Now when you have a template to start with, it's time to customize it. Text, photos, slideshows, videos, headers, i.e., all content, are easily added via back-end functionality. Each component has different parameters, depending on what it is. For example, in the text block, you'll see options for entering and formatting text, adding links, and so on. In the photo block, you'll be able to upload an image file, resize it, add a caption, etc. Our offerings also require you to make some adjustments to the code. That is, you need to have basic skills. Code settings you can do without much effort (if you know the code, of course) because we have a YouTube channel. There are tutorials about working with theme content. So, the main features of the design portfolio website templates include:

  • Valid HTML5 code. The product is built on fully editable code, which is also error-free.
  • Mobile-friendly layouts. Responsiveness allows the resource to display equally correctly on smartphones, laptops, tablets, PCs, iPad, etc. That guarantees that most users will browse your site and make any operation on it: registration, purchase, commenting, etc. 
  • JQuery library. It is a set of ready-to-use functions that simplifies developers' writing of JavaScript code.
  • Bootstrap framework. It is an adaptive grid with which the time to build an adaptive design is reduced by several times. Bootstrap has about a dozen custom JQuery plugins, many reusable components, a special structure, Grid System with particular styles, etc.
  • Blog pages. Themes include several options for blog pages. Connecting such a feature is a great opportunity to share hot news in company development, present trend technologies, interesting stories, etc.  
  • Drop-down menu. It is a graphical user interface element that allows visitors to select one of several predefined parameter values. It can refer to anything: selection of products by criteria, categories, etc. 
  • Google Maps. Mark your location on a map so customers can find the office/agency/company more easily.
  • Multipurpose. You may use our themes for various purposes. After all, the design style covers many directions. You may check tags on the product page and see whether the chosen element is suitable for your topic. 
  • Store connection. Online sales, transactions, goods selection, and booking are also available. Some themes even include several built-in e-commerce templates.
  • Google Fonts integration. Typography is one of the most important aspects of a cool website's visual appearance. That's why our offerings have built-in integration with the most unusual and impressive Google fonts.
  • Background video. How to present your team, service, or company greatly? Video backgrounds are a trend that makes the visual style elegant and professional.
  • SEO-friendly code. Promotion of the online project, high positions in the rankings, and visibility of the site are also ensured.

MonsterONE Pricing Plans: How to Download Creative Website Design Templates

It is easier than you think to open a vast collection of web solutions. All you need is to choose a plan and subscribe to it. Then you will have unlimited downloads of all the products you need for the work. So, decide on one of the following packages:

Creative. This plan costs $82 per year or $6.80 per month. This amount covers a wide variety of items for creating online and offline projects. These are:

  • Graphics - a huge assortment of PSD files, logos, illustrations, certificates, resumes, patterns, fonts, backgrounds, and more.
  • Presentation templates - ready-made elements for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides programs.
  • Audio and video assets - materials for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion Graphics programs, and stock items.

All-in-one. The price for this plan is $179 annually or $14.95 monthly. It comes with the following items:

  • The full contents of the Creative package.
  • Plugins - PrestaShop modules, JET plugins.
  • Website themes - items to work in various CMS (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, OpenCart) and e-commerce themes.

All-in-one Lifetime. This package costs $599. It includes all the content from the subscription. So, what's the best feature of this plan? You pay once, and then you are free to download the desired content an unlimited number of times regularly. The library is constantly updated. It means you'll always have access to a collection of exclusive products created with the latest web design trends and packed with the most useful features that simplify the project's work.

Benefits of Using MonsterONE Subscription

After deeply analyzing the market and customer preferences, TemplateMonster concluded that it is rather unprofitable for developers and web studios to purchase the necessary items and services one at a time. So, we decided to give users the ability to download an unlimited number of products in one place without having to pay every time they need a new design or picture. MonsterONE subscription is:

  • All purposes and tastes. The community provides all kinds of material for every purpose. And here you can find everything you are looking for. There are ready-made web solutions that remain only to adjust to fit your needs. There are graphic materials that can be used as part of the project or as individual items. That is, you may create everything you want. Plus, the price plans are also quite user-friendly. If you do not want to spend a lot of money but need the graphics - there is a Creative package. If you are constantly working with the creation of multi-component projects - your choice is All-in-one.
  • Broad assortment. It's a one-stop subscription that gives you access to a collection of more than 90,000 products. MonsterONE includes premium and free offerings, which are constantly growing and updated with new ones. This way, when you buy a yearly subscription, you may also use the items available on the site after the purchase. 
  • Expert services. We offer you the opportunity to save not only your money but also time. Services provided by professionals are the way to achieve the goals rapidly. Besides, as a subscriber, you can get discounts on it. Services are varied from complete site creation to logo creation and optimization of the resource.
  • Access for all. Benefits of the subscription are available to everyone who is in some way related to development. These are web developers and designers, agencies and studios, online business owners, and freelancers. And everyone who wants to save hundreds or thousands of dollars on hiring developers, content marketers to build or update websites and creative content. But, if you are a regular user, there are also many out-of-the-box solutions. For example, these include high-quality illustrations, fonts, resumes, and infographics.
  • Discounts on products. By subscribing, you can save about 35% on offerings from the official TemplateMonster digital marketplace.

MonsterONE Membership VS Single Product Purchase

When it comes to subscribing, everyone wants to make sure it's what they need, right? We can help you with that. Let's give it some thought. Look, if you're constantly working on creating online resources or offline projects, then a subscription is a necessity. Because here, all products have been tested and are of high quality.

Moreover, you pay once: either for a year or for a lifetime. It saves a lot of money because if you count the cost of all the goods from the subscription, it exceeds $500,000. If you build a website once, look for the desired product on the official TemplateMonster page. But, again, a good quality theme will cost around $100, and you can spend that money on a membership. Before you make a choice, think about what exactly you need to create a project. If it is only a template, choose from the official website; if you need illustrations, audio, fonts, icons, etc., it's only a subscription.

Design Website Templates FAQs

How to choose the best creative website design template?

First, you need to visualize how the future site will look like. Keep in mind that different resources may have or not header areas, navigation styles, etc. Check whether the product has the responsiveness and SEO-optimization features. Look for website themes that provide flexible customization. And most importantly, don't save money on a resource basis. Because with MonsterONE, you have everything at your fingertips. Plus, we recommend you also use the left sidebar to specify the desired item criteria.

How to choose the hosting for graphic design portfolio templates?

When choosing one, consider the speed, support, and security. Also, pay attention to the expected amount of traffic. If you plan to make your website popular, it is clear that the capacity requirements will increase. And of course, do not forget to decide on the server type. If you haven't decided which one to choose, MonsterONE offers you SiteGround (StartUp Plan $6.99 monthly) and Bluehost (Basic Plan $2.95 monthly). You can read more about them on the hosting services page.

How to get free design website templates?

We have a great offer - sign up for a free account. It includes over 450 products that, in turn, cover graphic materials, presentations, and website templates. Please enter your details, email, and password, and then download the items you want by sharing the link to them on social networks.

Are web design templates responsive?

Yes, of course. All themes include mobile layouts. You can also make responsive visuals by using an adaptive Bootstrap grid.

6 Things Overlooked in Mobile-Friendly Design Website Templates

Adaptability is key to attracting more users. Check out this video to learn what mistakes you shouldn't make when designing a website so that your resource looks perfect on different devices.

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