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Why would you need HTML Event Templates?

Creating your website is much easier and less time-consuming when you use HTML event templates, new technologies and programs. All methods of creating a website can be roughly divided into three categories.

  1. The first is creating a website manually using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP.
  2. The second is using a website builder.
  3. The third is installing a content management system (CMS) on the site.

Let’s consider each option separately and try to look at its features.

1. HTML5 is a hypertext markup language. You type the text with specific rules and get a beautiful web page. It is the most time-consuming way to create a website unless you use HTML5 templates. It’s enough to open the code of even a small HTML5 page and see how much is written there. It’s not easy to type in so much code, even if you use an editor. And if something needs to be changed in this code, it will take a considerable amount of time. And this is where our HTML event templates can help. 

2. Website builder is a handy solution that allows you to create your website using a visual interface. Programs of this kind can be divided into two groups:

  • The first ones are offline constructors, which can work without an Internet connection. The only time you need an Internet connection is to launch a site on the web or make changes to an already working one.
  • Online constructors are the opposite. The whole process of creating a website takes place directly on the web.

The more you pay for them, the greater the possibilities of such programs are. If you use the free versions, you may run into the risk of not reaching the expected results. Typically, paid versions of website builders can:

  • Quickly change the design of the site;
  • Edit the site online;
  • Connect software modules;
  • Provide permanent support services.

What can the free versions do? It all depends on what kind you’ll find. Usually, free website builders have several design templates, and this is where their possibilities end.

3. CMS (Content Management System) is a program written in a web programming language installed on your site that ultimately manages its content. After getting such a system, you don’t need to worry about the design. You need to enter text and upload graphics. The program will do the rest. You can manage it directly online. The most important thing here is that you can find some outstanding free solutions. Such software can provide all the possibilities for creating a professional website.

But no matter how attractive these new technologies and programs are, they still don’t exempt HTML and CSS knowledge. It’s possible to create a website without this knowledge, but it will hardly be possible to maintain it. And in all of the three ways described above, the site is usually created from ready-made templates. Any person who will create a website on the Internet, in any case, should have at least basic knowledge of HTML5. There are also people for whom design is not so important, and special features are not needed. They need a site that stores some information. These are usually mini-sites that consist of several pages. For example, such sites are often used by small organizations to publish information about themselves. These can also be sites of various entertainment establishments, small stores, and more. For this case, using a landing page or a calendar HTML event template would be very helpful. Considering this, using an excellent HTML5 solution could be a good idea. It can provide the flexibility that no CMS ever would.

HTML Event Templates Main Features

There are various types of sites using a variety of CMS systems. And in small projects, it’s convenient to use HTML templates. Below there are the advantages of HTML event templates in comparison with versions using a CMS.

  • HTML event templates have significantly less weight.
  • Projects written in HTML5 run and load much faster and are using fewer server resources.
  • In HTML sites, there is no so-called garbage code that most CMS systems can add.
  • HTML event templates don’t require updating either the engine itself or individual modules (in the case of CMS, this is extremely important and necessary).
  • HTML templates are less likely to get hacked since they don’t have holes in the engine or modules because of these components’ absence.
  • They have a simplified system for creating a backup.
  • Layout simplicity. In most cases, the structure is made up of pure HTML and then transferred to the CMS.
  • HTML event templates have a less expensive cost of developing an entire site.
  • HTML themes have a lower cost of hosting rent.
  • The preservation of content is higher since the information is stored directly in the body of the page and not in a separate database, the damage of which can break the entire site.
  • HTML event templates have more excellent stability of resources because each page is edited separately. If a mistake is made somewhere, it will spoil only a specific page, and in CMS versions, it can affect the operation of the entire site.
  • They also have greater ease of support because any person, more or less knowledgeable in HTML language, can support the projects. And each CMS system has its operating principles.

ONE Subscription Features

ONE is an excellent solution for any web developer. The site can be useful regardless of your skills. In total, there are tens of thousands of ready-made templates for different CMS, graphic elements, PSD layouts, plugins, valuable services, and more. The bottom line is that instead of buying products one at a time, you can subscribe to ONE and enjoy many things without restrictions. It’s an all-inclusive option for webmasters. ONE Membership is an exciting platform for both buyers and makers of products. You can be an author and receive a percentage from sales of the templates you have created for a specific category like WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor, Shopify, OpenCart, and some other platforms. All works are carefully checked before publication.

HTML Event Templates FAQ

For what kind of projects HTML event templates are the most suitable?

HTML event templates are great for creating compact projects that don’t require frequent content updates. Landing pages, business card sites, portfolios, and calendars are the optimal areas of their use.

What software is required for work with HTML event templates?

For work, you’ll need to choose a hosting provider, some code editor like Notepad++, and an FTP manager like FileZilla to upload template files to hosting, perform updates, and make edits.

How can I install HTML event templates?

To install the HTML event template, you need to download it, unpack it from the “.zip” archive, and upload it to the hosting at the root of the domain purchased in advance.

What is included in the HTML event template’s package?

The downloaded archive with the template contains HTML pages, folders with CSS styles, scripts, plugins, and, in some cases, images.

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