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HTML Art Templates for Crafty Projects

Imagine your life without art. How boring would it be? Without art, life will get monotonous and meaningless. Art brings a touch of beauty into our lives and makes them complete. If you are one of those craftsmen who make our world more beautiful, you need to show your talent globally. The best way to do it is to get unlimited access to our best HTML art templates. Here you can find all that you need for projects related to:

  1. Architecture, sculpture, painting, graphics, art photography, arts and crafts and design;
  2. Radio, music, literature;
  3. Cinema, theater, dance, circus art, video games, etc.

Key Features of HTML Art Templates 

Every day, our lives are changing and improving, thanks to modern technologies and inventions. The same happens with the websites. They become easier to use and customize. Our team's goal is to ensure that the digital assets we offer correspond to the latest trends and meet customers' demands. That is why our items are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. They all come with modern, Retina-ready design and other handy features, such as:

  • Efficient navigation.
  • Social media integration.
  • Optimized source code.
  • Digital-friendly layouts.
  • SEO-optimization.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.
  • High loading speed;
  • Easy drag & drop editing;
  • Multi-currency feature.
  • Multi-language option;
  • One-click demo import, etc. 

Why Is SEO Important for Art Gallery HTML Template?

Although more and more business owners are aware of SEO's meaning and importance, many people still don't understand why it is crucial. This is especially true for old stores that rely on word-of-mouth reputation, location, or low prices.

However, even the greatest local businesses may experience a slip in their sales and turning to the internet to find out how changing the business landscape takes away their competitive advantages. Those who are just entering the online world may be surprised to learn that people rely on the Google search algorithm, hoping to get information from all local communities and more. If they haven't customized their business to suit the requirements of Google, they may not be accessible by web users. To gain more business and win your competitors, you need to consider our fully optimized art website template HTML. 

Why Should Art HTML Template Be Mobile-Friendly?

The number of connected devices in the world today is shocking. Active smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices experts estimate it in the tens of billions. And it should send a very clear message to businesses in the art industry: adopting mobile-first thinking is also critical in shaping the customer experience. It means that entrepreneurs should be prepared to meet their customers wherever they are. More people make the transition from face-to-face and even desktops to mobile. Your goal is to bypass your competitors with our premium-quality art of design HTML template. 

Advantages of MonsterONE Membership

With MonsterONE, you’ll get unlimited access to trendy ready-mades, plugins, illustrations, and eye-catching designs, including:

  1. WordPress Themes.
  2. CMS and E-commerce Themes.
  3. Trending Plugins and Add-ons.
  4. Graphic Assets.
  5. Presentation templates.
  6. Video/Audio Assets.
  7. Free Stock Photos, etc.

Besides, our platform offers you:

  • Regular updates.
  • Impressive discounts for any of our services, including professional installation of a template, designing a unique logo for your enterprise, online store set up, performing SEO-optimization of your platform, copywriting services, and much more. Visit the premium services page and find out more!
  • Cost-saving opportunity. The fee for one HTML item equals the Creative package subscription, enabling you to use multiple assets. 
  • Secured and trusted payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.
  • General questions technical support available for our subscribers 24/7.
  • One year advanced tech assistance, etc. 

MonsterONE Subscription and Its Tariffs

Creative plan ($82 annually)The All-in-one package ($179 per year) comes with all items of the Creative plan, plus:All-in-one Lifetime is a one-time payment ($599). It includes:
Graphic & Design assetsWordPress and CMS ThemesWordPress and CMS Themes
Presentation templatesE-commerce ThemesE-commerce Themes
Video & Audio AssetsPlugins IncludedPlugins Included
Unlimited Projects1-year Technical SupportGraphic & Design assets
1-year Technical SupportPresentation templates
Video & Audio Assets
Unlimited Projects
1-year Technical Support
Unlimited Lifetime Access

HTML Art Templates FAQs

What’s a better option, free or premium HTML art template?

Free assets lack: Exceptional quality; High performance; Reliable tech support; Proper licensing; Regular updates.
On the other hand, premium solutions have essential features, reliability, unique design, and reliable functionality. Our products are licensed and come with a customizable, highly-responsive design. Besides, you can rely on our professional support team that is always ready to provide qualified assistance for any technical issue.

Are HTML Art Templates Cross-Browser Compatible?

There are so many different gadgets on the market! There are smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, iPads, and many more coming in the future. Thanks to these technologies, web pages are displayed differently. That is why we want to make sure that your platform's web pages are displayed in the same way through browsers and thus fulfill their purpose. Compatible pages also include an automatic adaptation of the website to the given format. It involves a correct display of images, maps, and other components that the pages contain.

How to download HTML art templates?

You may choose the free items option, a single HTML purchase, or via MonsterONE membership. It all depends on the budget and scale of your project. Of course, the best is to subscribe to ONE and enjoy unlimited access to top-notch web assets.

Can I sell HTML art templates with MonsterONE?

Yes, sure! Just let us verify that your templates correspond to our quality standards. Please visit our "Becoming an author" page for more details if you want to earn good money with us. 

HTML Art Templates and MonsterONE Subscription Video

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