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Medical PSD Templates

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Medical PSD Templates

In addition, organizations and other institutions operating within the medical sector need to establish an online presence.

Due to the crowded nature of the web, however, getting exposure can be quite difficult. Nevertheless, an original and outstanding design might prove to be the difference-maker in such cases. 

An impressive design enables users to enjoy a great experience on a website and makes it memorable.

However, creating a web design using professional software such as Photoshop can be quite challenging and time-consuming, even for experienced web designers. 

Therefore, more professionals choose to buy templates, start with a premade design, and then edit it according to clients' needs and preferences.

If that's your intention as well, on MonsterONE, you can find a wide selection of medical PSD templates for a variety of purposes and designs.

PSD templates: why use them

There are various reasons why PSD templates are preferable to creating a website design from scratch. Following is a list of some of the most important reasons.

Templates allow you to save time

The first and most important advantage of PSD templates is that they let you save time. Rather than creating every element of the web design from scratch, you can start with a PSD template and then use it as a basis for editing so that you end up with an original and customized project.

They are professionally designed

On MonsterONE, you'll find PSD templates designed by experts from around the world. As such, you can expect a well-designed and perfectly functioning website and the latest UI trends for the best user experience.

They come with documentation and support

Another reason to consider PSD templates is the extensive documentation and support. Thus, if you run into any problems or have any doubts, all you have to do is consult the documentation or contact the support, which will provide you with immediate assistance.

Medical PSD templates: what to use them for

MonsterONE offers a wide selection of medical PSD templates designed for a specific purpose. As a result, you will find a solution for any need or preference.

You can use medical PSD templates to realize the following examples of web projects:

  • Websites for dental clinics
  • Websites for physiotherapy clinics
  • Websites for medical clinics
  • Psychologist website
  • Doctor website
  • Websites for rehabilitation centers

Medical PSD templates: key features

While each medical PSD template has its distinctive features, many share some common and useful characteristics. Here are a few of the most relevant ones.


Almost all medical PSD templates found on MonsterONE are created with Bootstrap grid systems, creating flexible layouts using containers and rows. The result is that the design you get will automatically adjust to all screen sizes, providing the best navigational experience and interactive functionality possible.

Pixel perfect

On MonsterONE, you will find medical PSD templates characterized by high quality and sharp design. Consequently, you can be sure not to receive templates with blurriness or low-quality visual effects.

Free Google Font

The majority of the medical PSD templates on MonsterONE use free Google fonts. Thus, you can take advantage of stylish and modern fonts that you can freely use for any of your projects.

Clean and Unique Design

All of our medical PSD templates feature a clean and unique design created by professionals worldwide.

Very Easy to Customize

The medical PSD templates that you will find on MonsterONE come as layered PSD files. The layers are created due to each element part of the design being stored separately. The benefit of this is that customization and editing will be simple and quick since you can edit any element without affecting the overall design.

Extensive documentation and support

The majority of the medical PSD templates come with documentation and support, providing you with assistance with any question, doubt, or problem that you may have, thereby accelerating the creation and realization process.


Clients may ask you to design a full website, not just a homepage, thus including other relevant pages such as Services, Contact, etc. Almost all templates on MonsterONE come with pre-made designs for other common pages of a website, saving you a great deal of time compared to making them from scratch.

Images included

The medical PSD templates on MonsterONE also come with free-copyrighted images that can be freely used in any of your projects. The advantage of this is that you will save yourself the time you would otherwise spend searching for pictures if you do not have your own.

How to download medical PSD Templates

There are two ways to download and obtain medical PSD templates:

  • Become a MonsterONE member. Subscribe to one of MonsterONE plans. You will then have unlimited access to professional medical PSD templates and other digital products.
  • Buy a template from TemplateMonster marketplace. If you prefer to purchase individual templates rather than subscribe, you can get medical PSD templates from the huge TemplateMonster marketplace. 

Medical PSD Templates FAQ

How many medical PSD templates can I download with a MonsterONE subscription?

There are no limits on how many medical PSD templates you can download with one of MonsterONE's plans. However, mass downloads are discouraged.

Are medical PSD templates convertible?

Almost all medical PSD templates are convertible to HTML, Joomla, WordPress, and other popular CMSs, so you can start using them right away.

Does MonsterONE offer multipurpose medical PSD templates?

Yes, on MonsterONE, you can also find multipurpose medical PSD templates you can use for a variety of projects.

Can I sell medical PSD templates on MonsterONE?

Through MonsterONE, you can sell any of your medical PSD templates. Check out the Become an Author page for more information.

Download unlimited medical PSD templates with MonsterONE

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