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Make the Food Brand Popular with Restaurant Logo Templates

What can improve the visibility and productivity of the food business? Many factors affect this: tastes, presentations, drinks, author's menu, beautiful interior, concept, brand-chef, website, delivery, the visual design of packaging, dishes, etc. Each element has a small image, like an emblem, which will unite all components for business promotion. And it also sets you apart from other institutions. Why is a logotype so critical for a food and beverage business? We analyze this issue in the article.

Restaurant Logo Template Meaning

The corporate style base of a cafe has many elements that affect corporate aesthetics and successful promotion. But there are some essential details: name, concept, and logotype. The existence of any firm is impossible without them. The first and the last should even be legally verified and protected by the laws of your country.

The brand performs the function of recognizing you among competitors. If you approach the matter of selecting this thoughtfully, you get an increase in the effectiveness of advertising, reputation, and perception of you in the market. Agree that the customer trusts the registered product or service. You promote your business using offline instruments: make an impression on the packaging, kettles, tableware, tablecloths, drinks, food, etc.

Reasons to Use Modern Restaurant Logo Templates

To declare yourself as a unique food establishment, you should have a unique idea and design. And it is also critical to work with promotion on online and offline channels. In this case, you achieve the result. It is an apt name and a quality logotype that will make a worthy presentation without unnecessary words and descriptions. What is the benefit of using trade names?

Customer trust

Branded and marked goods cause more guarantees than non-name goods. But note that to get to know you and buy your service and food, you should provide quality at a decent level. After all, some customers tell other potential customers about this.


Corporate symbols help in this aspect of the market. You use it on social media, on your website, business cards, menus, kettles, tableware, tablecloths, packaging, etc. Sometimes customers prefer the product that shows the logotype. It is usually photographed and shared on social networks as a sign of status.


The design must absorb the concept, colors, and information about the product and evoke a symbolic association. With the right professional design, customers will perceive your establishment with the emotion you expect.

Kinds of Restaurant Logo Templates

There are many classifications. We comment on the most detailed one and show several examples. It is with the type of image that one should start choosing a sign. There are three main types: verbal, graphic, and combined.

Verbal and literal

Abbreviations and monograms

Such trademarks consist of several capital letters of the main name or only one word. Agree that it is difficult to remember a description with a sentence or with two or three inscriptions. And monograms are an ideal option for companies with a long name: IBM, HP, VTB, MTS, NASA, etc. Here you should pay special attention to fonts. The letter outline should embody the concept, style, and company mood. In that case, it stands out on the screen.

Word logotypes

Trademarks consisting of a short company name look perfect. In this way, you allow the client to remember your name and aesthetics. Here you should pay attention to typography and colors. You can add small details that will emphasize the capital letter. Pay attention to such representatives as Coca-Cola, VISA, Google, etc.

Picture logotypes


It is the visual image of the company, for example, Apple, Twitter, Instagram, etc. A deep meaning should be embedded in such an element to evoke the necessary emotions and associations in the viewer. If you are not sure about the success of the business, then choose an option with a name.


There are abstract geometric shapes that encourage you to remember the brand. In this way, you symbolize the brand without presenting the cultural and historical experience. Look at Pepsi and Adidas.


It is usually a bright, cheerful, and cartoonish image. You choose a character who will additionally be the face of the brand. In this way, you encourage the customer to interact with the hero. It is the best interactive social media and website marketing tool.


Text and image

It is the perfect choice for the company. It is ideal for a startup and can lead to your triumph. Check out these examples: Lacoste, Burger King, etc.


It is a type of image where the text is inside a symbol: Starbucks, Harvard, etc. The disadvantage of this type is a high degree of detail.

Steps of Restaurant Logo Templates Creation

You create a logotype, hire a designer, or contact an agency and buy a ready-made version. For example, MonsterOne has modern restaurant logo themes large selection for your project, also you can make use of Art, IT, Computers, Personal, Photography, and others.

If you choose the path of independent design, then you can use such programs as Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc. You embody the process from start to finish, but the result may not please you because of a lack of professional experience. A freelancer or designer will pay more attention to you, consider all your wishes, and prepare several options. Also, your trademark will be unique and relevant to your requirements. But it may take more time and cost. The middle-ground for you will be our MonsterOne subscription. We provide all documents and files for editing: PSD, PNG, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, vector, etc. You can manage the process and create a unique image for your project.

You should follow a step-by-step approach to save time and achieve the perfect result.

  1. Start by analyzing your company and niche. Remember where you started and why you chose this particular product or service. Think about how it benefits your customers. Consult the team about the values and emotions you want to convey to your potential customers.
  2. Analyze your target audience. If you already have experience in the company, so you have an idea of the profile of your client. You should pay attention to gender, age, likes, use of social networks, etc.
  3. Review and evaluate competitors. Take a look at the visuals of your colleagues' projects. Choose those who you like and who give a poor impression. Analyze what factors influence your emotions. There are things you can borrow and modify for your project, but there are things you can avoid.
  4. Create a list of examples where you use the logotype. You should adhere to the universality of branded clothing, as you need to attract offline and online platforms. You use the sign for packaging, banners, tableware, clothing, shoes, food, menus, napkins, serving, furniture, flyers, business cards, etc. And also add a trademark to the site, favicon, navigation, social networks, etc.
  5. Create several design examples. It will help you determine which details play a crucial role and which spoil the look. Also, the initial silhouettes will help you decide on the final shapes and colors.
  6. Choose a palette and shapes that reflect the mood and emotions of your company and product.

Restaurant Logo Templates from MonsterOne

We have selected popular, modern, diverse items for MonsterOne subscription. It allows you to pay once for a plan and have unlimited flexibility to upload material for your projects. It is a profitable solution for developers or others to get to know the product from the inside and choose the best one. But you won't need to pay for each theme. Membership has three main packages for free design downloads.


It is the best option for graphic designers and others who want to optimize the appearance of their online projects. Here you will find:

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This package includes everything that the previous plan has. But you get lifetime access at no extra cost.

To download free restaurant logo templates, all you need to do is register for the CREATIVE package. Put the necessary tags in the panel on the left to specify the models by topic: Illustration, Vector, Food, Cafe, Graphic, Modern, Retro, Sign, Simple, Shop, Japanese, etc.

Take a look at the free vintage restaurant logo templates. A country's history is usually reflected in its expensive aesthetics. It is related to the cuisine offered by the chef to the guests. A logotype nicely emphasizes the aesthetics of your project. Choose from the following options: Ancient Greek God Sculpture, Wine Glass Spoon Fork Knife, BBQ Grill Steak House Butcher, Retro Bar Bistro, Hipster Greek Philosopher Old Man, Granny Or Grandma, and others.

How to Edit Restaurant Logo Templates

You may edit the logotype design. If you do not have skills, check out video tutorials. Follow these links and enjoy watching.

Restaurant Logo Templates FAQ

How to choose a restaurant logo template?

When creating a trademark for your business, start by identifying the niche you're in. Then analyze the emotions and associations you want your brand to convey. Choose the type of trademark that suit suits your needs - graphic, text, or combined - and select a color palette, shapes, and fonts that align with your brand's identity. Look for design options in PSD or PNG format, and consider incorporating vector images that can be scaled without losing quality. Keep the design simple and avoid including more than three colors or small details. By following these guidelines, you will create a cohesive and effective brand for your business.

How to get a free restaurant logotype item from MonsterOne?

Sign up for a MonsterOne plan. Once that is done, you will be able to download any product on the site. You receive a link to your account. A design document is available for download there.

What are the main requirements for the food logo template?

To build a strong brand for your business, create a unique and recognizable corporate image by creating a professional trademark. Use high-quality vector images with transparent backgrounds, and save the file in the root folder on the server with the appropriate name. Consider using your trademark as a navigation element on your website's internal pages, and make sure it looks great on all device screens.

How to implement a restaurant logo template into the website?

You can upload the image file to your website's media library and add it to your website's header section using HTML and CSS to implement an item.

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