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Free Resume Templates – Get the Dream Job

Getting a job you want is challenging, especially today, when the competition is high. You have to be better than other candidates and make an HR manager pay attention to you. A resume and a CV are the option to impress an employer. Our free resume templates will save time and increase your chances of getting the job. The themes we offer are clean and elegant. They also provide you with limitless customization options – add, replace, or remove unnecessary elements.

With the ONE subscription service, you’ll get access to thousands of assets for diverse kinds of projects.

Creating suchlike documents from scratch is challenging. Here are some of the questions to answer:

  • How to place all the sections correctly?
  • How to make an HR manager pay attention to certain parts via colors or shapes?
  • How to achieve a clean look?

You also need to understand how to work with colors. Poor color choice will ruin everything. Don’t forget about the shapes. With shapes, you guide the manager’s eyes. Our designs make the whole process simpler and faster. You download a template, modify it slightly (if necessary), add the required information, and send or print it.

Advantages of Free Resume Templates

The products we provide include the following features:

  • Various designs – find the one you prefer. You can find a colorful theme with small visual elements or a simple one with a few details;
  • Clean layout – all the components are placed to fit perfectly. There is no overlapping or incorrect placement;
  • Print-ready – CMYK – all the colors will look correct when you print it;
  • 300 DPI – the text and shapes remain sharp when printed;
  • A4 paper size;
  • Layers (for the formats that support this feature) – facilitates customization because you can access various components easily;
  • Multiple formats – find the files for Apple Pages, Word, or other software packages;
  • Fonts are provided.

Editing Free Resume Templates and CVs

Our solutions are a great starting point. You have an empty document that you can fill in with the necessary data. It is important to understand what and how to write. Please consider reading our article dedicated to resume writing. It focuses on what data to add and how to do it properly. Here’re some general resume-writing ideas.

  • Be concise – avoid long sentences and get straight to the point. It makes the document easier to read and helps to avoid wasting space;
  • Keep it organized – use rows and columns to separate the information into several subcategories, like experience, educations, skills, etc.;
  • Use icons – they are excellent to replace words or even sentences. Instead of writing “Instagram” – insert its logo;
  • Highlight with colors – use different colors to make a manager focus on something. Avoid using too many tints.

Keep in mind that an HR manager spends less than 10 seconds to review each document. By writing the necessary data and placing it properly, you’ll increase your chances of getting the job.

The customization process isn’t difficult. You should use compatible software. Here’s a quick guide that will help you:

  • PSD – Adobe Photoshop;
  • DOCX (DOC) – Microsoft Word;
  • AI, EPS – Adobe Illustrator;
  • PDF – Adobe Acrobat DC;
  • INDD, IDML – Adobe InDesign;
  • Pages – Pages for macOS.

Our designs consist of numerous parts, like fields, photo placeholders, or sections. It allows accessing separate elements and customizing them easily. Change their colors, move or scale them up and down, etc. You should avoid modifying them too much. It may break the layout, and the document won’t look elegant. Move sections or change their size only when it’s inevitable (if you need more space).

Free Resume Templates for Everyone

They are great for everyone. You may easily customize designs without having any special knowledge. They are excellent for people who search for their first job and those who already have experience. There are themes with various color combinations, with or without a photo placeholder, so everyone can find what they want.

Our items simplify CVs and resume writing. All the fields are already there – fill them with the necessary information.

Don’t forget to review the document before sending it or printing it. Make sure that you add the correct data, like social network links, e-mail, etc. It is important to check grammar. Consider using an online tool, but it is an additional measure. Please read it carefully several times.

Such products are ideal for companies that help people create such documents. If you (or your company) have multiple clients, you’ll save a lot of time because you already have a template. Don’t waste your time creating it from scratch. You’ll have access to multiple designs, and it helps to avoid creating documents that look similar.

The items are available in several formats. It’s important to understand when some of them are a better option. Nowadays, job seekers prefer to apply for a position online. That’s the case when DOCX, PAGES, or PDF formats are the best option. AI, PSD, INDD, EPS are better if you prefer to modify a file via image editing software. Avoid sending documents in such formats because an employer may not have an application to view them. 

.AI and .EPS are vector file formats. The advantage of the vector is that you can scale up different objects without losing their quality. They are perfect if you want to add icons and scale them up.

Premium and Free Resume Templates and CVs

Freebies are great, and you can find stunning, amazing themes. If you need something more complex, then pay attention to premium products. Suchlike items come in multiple designs, like minimalistic or complex ones with secondary shapes and icons. They come backed by professional support. If you have any trouble with them – let us know, and we will help you. They also may include additional files, like a cover letter. The ONE subscription service has three premium plans:

  • Creative - $6.80/month or $82/year;
  • All-in-one - $14.80/month or $169/year;
  • All-in-one Lifetime - $599 one-time fee.

Please visit the pricing page to learn more about different plans and what they have to offer. The indisputable advantage of premium plans is that you have access to multiple types of assets. You may download plugins, themes, audio and video assets, etc. Add icons to make your document look more interesting. You pay once a month (or only once) and download as many assets as you want. It’s an excellent way to save money. Here’s a simple example. You help people create resumes, cover letters, or CVs. If you buy three items which cost $7, $18 and $10 you will spend $35! With ONE, you pay $82 (or $169)/year and download as many designs as you want. Plus, you get access to other types of assets for your projects. You may use the downloaded items with an unlimited number of projects as long as the license is active.

A client has an option to cancel the subscription within 14 days if they haven’t downloaded anything.

This plan is an ideal option for companies, freelancers, or customers who need various types of resources. You wouldn’t be 100% correct if you think that freebies are worse than premium products. Freebies also look refined and professional. They provide you with limitless customization options and are easy to modify. 

Downloading Free Resume Templates and CVs at ONE

To access all the available products, you have to create a free account. Please provide us with the necessary information, such as e-mail, first and last name, billing phone number, and password. With the account, you may download a huge number of digital assets for your projects. 

Having created it, you may start searching. The process of downloading an item is fast and simple.

  • Please pay attention to the left panel. It has several options that will help you find what you need. Specify different tags, like the file format.
  • Check the details page to learn more about it. Make sure it has the necessary features, like formats compatibility.
  • Share the page in the social network. It will help your friends discover our products.
  • Save the file and start using it.

Please read the terms and conditions beforehand to avoid any possible misconceptions. Our company is always ready to cooperate with authors. If you (or your friends) create assets – become our author. Check this page to learn more about it and start earning money with us.

Free CV and Resume Templates FAQ

How to choose free CV and resume templates?

Pay attention to the left panel. Set various tags to help you find the best option. If you look for something specific (like a position name) – use the search bar. Don’t forget to check the details page. It includes important information.

Are your free resume templates safe?

All the items we provide are completely safe. We also don’t include any unnecessary files or suspicious links.

Why use free resume templates PSD files?

PSDs are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, and they are more flexible compared to DOCX files (for MS Word). With Photoshop, you can easily create and add complex images within the application. MS Word doesn’t have advanced image editing options. If you want to incorporate a picture, you should make it in image editing software and save it. Then you should open MS Word and import the necessary asset. It will take more time.

What sections or fields should free resume templates include?

Our products already have all the necessary sections and fields. You can add new, remove or replace some of them. Having completed customization – ensure that it has all the data a potential employer may want to know. It should include contact and personal data, skills, etc. If you have experience – write about it. If you don’t have it – mention your projects and accomplishments.

Premium and Free Resume Templates – Paul Hoffman

Our designs are ideal for getting the job you want. This video demonstrates one of our items. It shows its features and available formats. It comes with additional templates, so it is an all-in-one solution for a job seeker. You can also see sections where you should add the necessary information.

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