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Top Rated Free PSD Templates

If you ever thought about creating a blog or an online business, you probably stumble over some issues like how to start off and where to get help from. If you download any of the free PSD templates, it would mean that you have done the first steps. You saved some money by skipping the hiring of a developer. Here you can get only ready-made solutions that can help you launch a project.

Free PSD Layouts and Types of Businesses they Fit

Most of the presented themes are multipurpose. They fit any online store and service. These layouts are perfect for freelancers that create projects and sell them to customers and for entrepreneurs. The website offers users a great variety of specifically designed templates for a particular trade niche. If you still have not decided on the topic for a startup but want to obtain a template, we recommend downloading a multipurpose one. 

Significant Features of the Free PSD Layouts

Users get only ready layouts with many notable features to simplify the work with them:

  • huge gallery with pictures;
  • easy editable;
  • great quality of photos;
  • have free fonts;
  • can be customized via Photoshop;
  • lots of ready-made blocks
  • retina ready
  • layered pages; 
  • Icon fonts;
  • clear navigation panel;
  • have unique style and design;
  • based on a grid system.

The options might vary; each user may pick the product that complies with the needs. If you do not like to work with Photoshop you can download a ready and free addition for your website for free. Each product has an impressive style and some options for its customization for your wishes. By obtaining layouts you can save money on the designer and his expensive work. Download a bunch of products and use them for different areas of your trade. 

Free and Premium Themes

You can get single free mockups, or you may purchase premium products. The difference is in designs and the number of pages. Free themes have fewer tools to customize the layout and fewer pages in the package.

Get More Free PSD Layouts Using the Subscription Options

If you need to create more than one Internet resource for different trades or work with many clients' projects, it is better to become subscribers to our ONE service that will supply you with countless plugins and themes. Just create a free account and get a suitable payment plan.

Create a Free Account

To become a member, visit ONE, click on the link Free Account in the header and create an account. Verify your email, and you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Payment Plans

To become a member of Monster ONE, you have to choose a pricing plan: 

  1. Creative tariff gets you access for a monthly payment of $6.80. By choosing this option you will get:
  • layouts for presentation;
  • technical support for a year;
  • unlimited access to graphics and design assets;
  • countless projects.
  1. Upgrade your tariff to an All-in-one yearly membership. It allows you to get all TemplateMonster extensions, extensions, and templates within the subscription package for $169. You may start downloading multiple products starting from the date of purchase. This option gives you access to:
  • all the plugins;
  • eCommerce layouts;
  • templates for presentations;
  • video and audio assets;
  • various CMS themes including WordPress;
  • Technical support.  
  1. Lifetime membership. You can purchase any plugin, layout, module, and application within the subscription as many times as you wish. The tariff will provide you with all the mentioned products plus lifetime access. 

If you have purchased a subscription but have not downloaded any of the products and decided that you do not need that membership within 14 days from the purchase date, then we are ready to make a refund.

New users may try the platform for free for a trial period of 14 days.

Choose Right Templates 

Now when you are a registered subscriber, you can choose any free theme within a subscription. Pay attention to the inbuilt options if the template meets all the requirements, color style, and functionality.

Subscription Rules

To become a member of ONE subscription, you have to:

  • provide true and correct information about yourself; 
  • be 18 years or older;
  • acknowledge that the submitted data is accurate, including your email address. 

There is a very strict policy for those who violate the rules. All the licenses are active, and you may use the templates and extensions for an unlimited number of domains and projects. 

Advantages of the Membership

TemplateMonster suggests many interesting themes, to build a fully professional website. Along with ONE, you can:

  1. Save money. Single items cost starts from $29. If you need many products and additional services, it would be cheaper to become a subscriber and get a bunch of themes at once, as many times as you want. 
  2. Get half price on goods from TemplateMonster market that are not included in the subscription.
  3. Get DraftiumPRO yearly subscription.
  4. Lots of free stock images.
  5. Convenient tariffs.
  6. Clear documentation.
  7. The products get weekly updates. 
  8. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.
  9. Special hosting offers.
  10. Use some additional services for free.

The cost of the membership repays in the first month of active use. It is significantly cheaper to create a website for a subscriber.  Within the membership, you will have access to all new products and the upgraded versions of old ones.

The Guide on How to Download PSD Templates 

To download PSD templates, you have to do simple actions:

  • log in to your account;
  • press on the "Get started" button;
  • choose the category of the layout you need from offered PSD mockups;
  • put the necessary filters on the left panel to select a type of theme for a specific sphere, like auto, pets, and so on;
  • when you are ready, click on the product to see the details;
  • for a better look, you may watch a live demo; 
  • on the page, you may download a product and also share a link on social media.

Become an Author of Free PSD Templates

If you know how to make mockups with outstanding design you may work with us and offer your products. The easy guide of how to become an author of the TemplateMonster you may find on this page. Share your ideas and layouts with our huge auditory.

Free PSD Themes Hosting Options

After you finish coding a website using free PSD themes you have to consider some hosting providers and seek the one with benefits and convenient payment options. We may offer you some of our best suggestions:

  1. BlueHost Basic tariff for $6.20 per month. It covers one website, has SSL certificate, about 25 subdomains, and customer support that works around the clock.
  2. SiteGround Startup plan for $6.99 per month offers an SSL certificate, support of 1 website, provides daily backups, and 24/7 support.

Choose any option based on your needs. 

Top Useful Plugins for Great Website

If you are going to code a website based on a free PSD template then check out these useful plugins. 

ONE offers some top extensions that are significant for the online business and have great reviews:

  1. JetElements plugin allows users to add various elements, display tags on the photos to Instagram, demonstrate products with WooCommerce widgets.
  2. JetPopup is another great plugin that lets your visitors see simple pop up messages on the screen while they perform different actions.
  3. JetTricks is a program for special effects. It lets you add visual effects like scrolling, unfolding functionality, and sticky columns.

Check other plugins among the many presented and select what you need for free. You may download them in addition to your free PSD template and create a fully professional Internet space. With these free products your website will never seem plain.

Templates Design Trends of 2021

Each year there are some trends in the digital world of design like:

  1. Floating elements. They get more recognition this year. These are the items that may change shape when you put a mouse cursor on them.
  2. Video backgrounds. The trend of using the element is growing this year, probably because they look old school. Today many people appreciate this kind of art more.
  3. Damaged photo. You may observe the same trend on different social media. It looks fresh and up-to-date. Great way to impress your viewers.
  4. Typography. Today more artists tend to combine many types to get a modern look. 
  5. Layouts that look like cards. Websites like Pinterest inspired this trend. It proved to be interesting and involved users.

These are some of the popular trends this year. To know more about them, check our article.  

Viable Free PSD Templates FAQ

What are the restrictions after I download PSD templates should I keep in mind?

There are some prohibited actions that you have to read before purchasing a template: to resell separate apps and themes to third parties; to download multiple products at the same time. The system could block you; to claim your rights to any of the themes or extensions; to use any products that were obtained within the subscription with an expired license.
These are the most basic restrictions. The whole list you may find on the terms of use page.

Can I download PSD templates in Spanish or other languages?

We offer only multilanguage themes. If you have an auditory from different countries, you may switch between the languages to attract more customers.

Can I create free PSD templates for TemplateMonster?

To cooperate you have to register as an author. You will be paid after the user downloads your product.

Are all free PSD templates available within ONE membership?

TemplateMonster and Monster ONE have the same marketplace, but their set of products is different. We offer a wide range of products for members, and some assets may be exclusively presented only within the subscription.

How to Download Free PSD from Monster ONE

To get more information about working with free PSD templates within the subscription, you may visit our YouTube channel. All the layouts have ready sections and sets of tools like colors and styles.

The All-in-One Membership

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