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Boost Your Brand with Free Corporate Identity Templates

All companies are different - various products, positioning, mission, and visual style. Corporate identity is a visual image of the company, a set of graphic elements (logo, business cards, letterheads, etc.) created in the same style. The brand style helps to make the company's image and emphasize its individuality. It allows the firm to look presentable in front of customers and partners and increases brand awareness and trust level. The business identity includes an individual approach to colors, design of documents, packaging, advertising, etc. Pay attention to free corporate identity templates as an excellent solution to display the business's personal touch. You can share it on a vast number of different media - from business cards to the website.

Today, you can forget about advanced technical skills when crafting your branding. It is enough to customize free corporate identity designs to your niche, and you are ready to represent your business. Pick up your favorite design package and use any graphic editor to edit the layout. 

Best Free Corporate Identity Layouts with ONE by TemplateMonster

Do not miss a chance to increase your brand awareness and create an impression of integrity. Modern corporate identity templates reduce the amount of time and money you will later spend on advertising. Since the company's complete visual style has already been compiled, it will not require any changes. As you can see, you will get a lot of benefits for your business.

Once you are interested in a ready-made solution, you do not need to surf the web. The ONE by TemplateMonster, as an ultimate service, has already boosted the digital market with tons of incredible products.   

Besides the subscription plans, now the service offers a vast array of free templates for various products. Anyone can download any free item for your project needs. All you have to do is create a free ONE account. Once done, you are welcome to access free corporate identity layouts at no cost and with no time limits. The variety of no-charge design assets will keep growing, so you will find your perfect design for your business. 

Advantages of Using Premium Pre-styled Solutions from ONE 

The fee-based ONE membership offers unlimited access to the premium corporate identity graphics and various flagship design assets. And, here are a few advantages of a subscription offer you should be aware of.

  • Except for the graphics, you will get access to such categories of premium products as:

           WordPress products;


           Presentation templates;

           HTML templates;

           CMS templates;

           Stock photos.

  • There is no usage threshold. If you like one premium template, you can use it for many projects and an unlimited number of times.
  • All the ONE members have the opportunity to order such additional services. The catalog of additional services is very extensive - from useful site maintenance tools to search engine optimization. You will get various tools that will reduce the time spent on the project.
  • The product range you see now will be updated regularly. The library of premium products is continually growing, and you will get access to even more bestselling items.
  • Powerful 24/7 support. That is fine to have questions, and you should understand that you are not left alone with your technical difficulties.
  • Feel secure. You can request a refund for 14 days after the purchase if no product meets your expectations.

Pricing Plans for Premium Design Assets 

Choose one of the three pricing plans available within the membership.

CreativeAll-in-One All-in-One ∞
$82/year$179/year$599 one-time fee
Graphic and design assetsWordPress and CMS themesWordPress and CMS themes
Presentation templateseCommerce themeseCommerce themes
Unlimited projectsPluginsPlugins
1-year technical supportGraphic and design assetsGraphic and design assets
Presentation templatesPresentation templates
Unlimited projectsUnlimited projects
1-year technical support1-year technical
Unlimited lifetime access

You can pay with Visa and MasterСard cards or through the PayPal system. 

We understand that it may happen that the subscription is not to your liking. But even in this case, TemplateMonster takes care of their subscribers. They have the opportunity to return the money in full. However, there is a specific condition - for 14 days from the date of purchase. Besides, not a single download of products within the subscription must be made.

Free Corporate Identity Templates or Premium Ones

Within the ONE service, you have access to both free templates and premium items. Which one to choose? A free template is a set of standard features and a simple design. Its great advantage is no cost. 

A premium design includes an exclusive layout, overall quality, and professional technical support if you have any issues. Evaluate your needs and expectations, and choose the right product for your project.

The Latest Trends for Free Corporate Identity Templates

Some may say that trends are not the main thing. But in the world of marketing and advertising, new trends play a significant role. Let’s run through the ones you should stick to when picking up your free corporate identity templates.

  1. Bold and bright typography. Designers have always done unthinkable things with fonts. They were twisted into spirals, decorated with patterns, blown up, etc. More and more, we see bright and non-standard solutions that will only gain momentum in 2021. Another sub-trend is the use of simple but bold, large poster fonts. And the thicker the font is, the better.
  2. Monochrome design. Monochrome has long been a favorite graphic technique for many designers. It has been used for a long time, but it became a bright trend just these days. This technique moved to the professional sphere and is now used everywhere in all types of brand advertising.
  3. Simplified illustrations. When people do not want to read even short texts in this age, simple drawings save time and convey the message better. Designers are increasingly moving from visual to semantic illustrations that make it clear what they are talking about.
  4. 3D graphics and depth. The use of simple geometric lines and objects in 3D, monochrome colors, and the combination of 3D objects with 2D drawings and photos continues to evolve.
  5. Bright and acidic, neon, and futuristic colors. Color is almost the first thing that catches your eye when viewing visual content. Now blue, purple, and pink acid colors are in fashion, which look futuristic and in the style of cyberpunk.
  6. Fluid, smooth lines, and elements. Unlike simple and strict geometric shapes, smooth lines embody flexibility, movement, and creativity. They continue to please us now and in the upcoming 2021.

Stages of Effective Branding

A recognizable brand allows you to sell goods in large volumes at a higher price. Market leaders are those companies that make significant investments in branding. Check out a few stages to create effective branding.

  • Analyze your target audience, competitors, and market situation. If the brand is already developed, evaluate its current state.
  • Create an idea, development strategy, and brand positioning concept.
  • Create brand elements: brand name, slogan, logo, brand book, guide book, label, and packaging design.
  • Define tools and methods of promotion, choosing ways to interact with the target audience.
  • Monitor the brand status, evaluating the effectiveness of its development, and take corrective measures.

Pre-styled Corporate Identity Designs FAQ

What is a free corporate identity template?

A corporate identity template is a set of pre-designed objects which determines the style of any company. A free item is available for download free of charge. Find a suitable option and adapt it to your project.

How to customize free corporate identity layouts?

Customization of the ready-made graphic templates does not require any technical skills. Make sure you have any graphics editor installed to have the tweaks done. Also, the ONE subscription service offers a pack of powerful services to simplify your life. You can order template installation, customization, server setup, SEO optimization, or speed optimization services.

What type of support is available for free corporate identity designs?

The ONE offers expert 24/7 technical support. The ticket team is available from Monday through Friday and glad to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. If you need immediate assistance with simple technical issues, you can contact a 24/7 live chat. An advanced support team is available for complex problems that require lengthy troubleshooting. Support services are provided in English only.

Are there any restrictions for using free corporate identity templates?

Within the ONE subscription service, you should pay attention to the following restrictions to the use of the products: It is forbidden to redistribute social media designs acquired from the ONE. You are not allowed to use the items for on-demand services. It is not permitted to use items downloaded from ONE by TemplateMonster to promote your products or services.

Explore the ONE by TemplateMonster to Free Corporate Identity Packages

Learn more about the ONE subscription service by TemplateMonster. Here you will get access to the selection of high-quality digital products, built following all the latest technological advancements.

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