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Remona - Display Serif Typeface Fonts

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Short description:

Remona is a confident serif

Designed to reflect nature, it creates a sense of softness and natural expression. We pushed the concept in a usability-focused direction, to work as a bold tool and a beautiful communicator.

Remona allows for fluid designs in 3 styles. Regular, Italic, Outline and Latin based main language. The right slant advances aesthetics, brings energy and makes it suitable for modern design.

The type family blends organic curves and soft repetition into strong and harmonious types. At large dot sizes you can appreciate the shape of the letters, while the same control and focus creates an even texture for small dot sizes and long reads.

Fonts extend their use by providing a variety of unique language and style supports.

The Remona character set combines additional symbols, style alternatives, unique binding, and case sensitive punctuation - resulting in a stable, hardworking family ready to tackle projects of any size.

Happy Designing

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