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Human 3D Graphics

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3D 58
Human 58
Low poly 26
PBR 23
High poly 21
Rigged 10
3D Print 6
Animated 5
3D Scan 2
Blender 57
Unity 16
Unreal 16
3DS Max 12
Zbrush 11
Maya 10
Cinema 4D / C4D 6
Sketchup 3
blend 52
fbx 41
obj 38
dae 11
stl 10
3ds 4
unitypackage 3
uasset 3
max 1
c4d 1
3d cartoon engineer model
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Let Your Imagination Run Wild with 3D Human Graphics

Welcome to the age of new avatar creation, where people are losing sight of the difference between digital and real. MonsterONE gives you the widest range of next-gen 3D human graphics to fulfill the needs of creators in various industries. These ready-made graphical assets save large amounts of time and money, and the quality of the imagery is unparalleled. See for yourself!

Benefits of Using 3D Human Body Graphics

Generating unique digital humans from the ground up necessitates professional preparation and a hundred hours of work. MonsterONE's library of 3D-animated people (which is diverse enough to allow you to choose from the pre-made models) is the answer to the tedious work of re-creating figures. You can now pay attention to materializing your visions, not spending time mastering all industry programs out there.

Regardless of whether you are looking to develop a stylized avatar for your next project or medical simulations with photorealistic prototypes of people, these assets will fulfill your needs. And not only that—consider also other scenes and objects that might fit your project.

Besides, the fact that you can easily include a model in your project pipeline makes it a really good thing. That is, you free up much of the energy that you would otherwise have spent on creating and refining the figures by yourself.

Outstanding Features of Three-Dimensional Graphical People

The main solution is to use the most advanced digital imaging technology that leads to the creation of extraordinarily realistic figures. The above-listed prototypes showcase a range of top-notch features to meet your specific needs:

  • PBR textures – Capture the mirror nature of skin, hair, and clothing with great realism.
  • High- and low-poly – Low-poly technique helps to accelerate processing, whereas high-poly models demonstrate fine details, close-ups, or cutscenes.
  • Rigging and animation – There are fully rigged and animated figurines. It's super easy to sculpt and animate persons whose body motions resemble that of real ones.
  • 3-D print and scan – The catalog also contains items ready for printing and scanning (in any size you wish).

By the way, do you also need some avatars for your cinematic game? Check them out in this collection.

Who Benefits from 3D Human Graphics?

These human-type assets are revolutionaries for every kind of creator. Here’s a way how the people from various walks of life can make their mark:

  1. Game devs – Populate your game worlds with unique NPCs. The collection items come fully rigged and ready to drop straight into your games, simple as pie.
  2. Filmmakers – Save extra and actor costs with the use of custom digital doubles. Take them for stunts and crowd scenes – have fun!
  3. Educators – Create interesting anatomy and medical sims with beautiful virtual people. Alter them to reflect all ages, races, abilities, and the whole shebang.
  4. Architects & designers – Present building spaces by populating 3-D renders with lifelike models. Peeps make designs alive by putting them in operation.
  5. Medical pros – Practice safely for surgeries and trial new devices with super-sensitive simulators.

Enhancing 3D Graphic of Human Organs: Tips & Tricks

Here are some pointers to set you off quickly:

  1. To begin with, get yourself some high-quality items from the list above. Their graphics are so incredibly life-like that you simply can place them right into your projects, with no problem.
  2. Now you have your models up and on their feet. The vendors, thankfully, rigs and animates them for you straight out of the box. Your part is to use the bone and morph tools to manipulate those visuals in any way you wish.
  3. Then add some lighting and textures to the scene to elevate it. In particular, for very naturalistic lighting, use real-world-based settings such as global illumination and soft shadows. And, by the way, about texturing—tiling textures for skin are great time-savers.

All in all, the process of personalization is quite simple. Follow these tips and you will be generating amazing virtual worlds in the blink of an eye!

Top Downloads From The Catalog

Check out these top-notch items and sets that could be your savior in creating stunning virtual environments. And remember it's not an exhaustive list, and it is updated regularly!

  • With Jobly’s cool set of 20 custom-modeled businessmen, you can pimp your biz and startup projects. This awesome pack is great for business, tech, creative agencies...you name it. Comprises files for Blender, including glTF, OBJ, FBX + high-res PNGs. Let your content be on fire with these funky personas that cater to all your virtual work and business needs. You should look at it.
  • This 3-D skull is like a real one but low-poly-designed. Comes with 1 OBJ, 1 FBX, and 1 3DS file so you can make it your Mistress of the Dark! Modify color, textures, shape, or anything you desire! This awesome skull can be used to detail any of your rendering projects. No matter if you need it for science, art, or anything else, this asset has you covered!
  • Create your epic avatars from the male mesh base available here. Optimized topology allows you to have a low-poly count and high quality for any kind of project – games, film, ads, whatever. Is delivered in five formats – FBX, OBJ, Blender, DAE, STL. It has unlimited possibilities, just add your magic. Also, no need for extra plugins!

Spice Up Your Images with Slick 3D Effects in Elementor Pro!

Do you have a website and want it to be in harmony with what you do? Bring your site pictures to another stage with the sic motion effects instruments of Elementor Pro! This simple instructional video demonstrates the implementation of 3-D transforms, parallax, and animation for creating impressive designs that jump right out of the screen. These dope three-dimensional styles will make your site pop!

3D Human Graphics: FAQ

What types of files do 3D human graphics work with?

We provide all main formats such as BLEND, FBX, OBJ, DAE, STL, and others.

Are 3D human graphics print-ready?

Yes, some designs are already printing-optimized. They, in particular, come with topography and scale features perfect for clear print.

Is there a way to animate them?

All the figures are ready to be animated from the box as they are fully rigged. Just use bone, morph, and blend shape tools and animate figures.

Do you offer different ethnicities?

Absolutely. Our library contains computer-generated individuals of various ethnicities which are suitable for any project.

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